Rice dry processing technology

The dried eggplant is a special product from Fuzhou, Jiangxi Province. It has a long history and it has a unique style and unique flavor. It has the effect of heat and blood circulation, pain relief and swelling. It is often eaten and is good for health. First, materials and tools 1, raw materials: eggplant, glutinous rice, dried pepper, bean paste, garlic, rice grains, salt. 2. Ratio: Each 50 kg of fresh eggplant requires 10 kg of glutinous rice, 1 to 1.5 kg of dried chili powder, 1 kg of bean paste, 1 kg of garlic (need to be smashed), 0.5 kg of rice wine tank, and 0.25 kg of salt. 3, the main appliances: kitchen knives, pots, spatula, steamer, scissors and so on. Second, the process of eggplant selection cleaning boiled to dry open salt drying; glutinous rice cooked feeding material; eggplant accessories pressure steamed dry steaming drying packaging inspection products. Third, the production of points 1, purchase: 5 to June when the low value of eggplant market, the acquisition of attention to the shape and size of eggplant, preferably the same or similar. 2. Washing: Wash the purchased eggplant in clean water (tap water) and remove the eggplant pedicles (including stems and shrinkage deposits), and remove the disease and malformed eggplant. 3, boiled: boil water with a large pot, and then put into a clean eggplant, so that eggplant cooked, resulting in whole eggplant softened, this can remove the astringency of eggplant. 4, dry, cut: the cooked eggplant to remove, dry, with a knife in the center of the eggplant along the longest axis to break open, but must let one side connected, and then split along the incision, to make the whole eggplant into a big Piece. 5, on the salt drying: In the face of the tomato block, smear a little salt, to paint the entire coating evenly (this can make the salt infiltration into the eggplant to increase the salty taste, and to avoid drying when the eggplant dried meat). Then place the salted eggplant under the sun (face up) for one day, or until it is half dry (if there is a fly, use a net cover). When the eggplant is extracted, the eggplant meat will not separate from the skin, and then Receive backup. 6, cook glutinous rice: The glutinous rice is washed and boiled rice. To avoid sticking, put a little vegetable oil in the pan before cooking. 7, add accessories: When the glutinous rice boiled, add the right amount of water, and put the prepared accessories together, then stir with the spatula constantly, while increasing the use of fire, until 捣 stir into a paste, ie Can stop using the fire and slowly cool down (can not be completely cooled down, otherwise the glutinous rice paste becomes hard, inconvenient operation). 8, accessories: the spare eggplant block, first put a piece placed on the chopping board, pay attention to the cut surface upward along the cut surface with glutinous rice paste made of 0.6 ~ 0.8 mm thick. After paving, select a piece of eggplant with a similar shape and size to cover it. Cut it down and press it tightly to make it dry. Repeat it until it is covered. 9. Steaming and drying: Put the dried sweet rice in a steamer and steam it for about 2 hours, and then put it in the sun for a day (to prevent flies from flying, use a net cover). After the sun, for the convenience of later bagging, scissors can be cut into a certain shape and size of the eggplant block. Then put it in the steamer and steam it for about 1 hour. Spread the air (the family does it, steam it and then dry it for one day, you can collect it). 10. Packaging: After being cooled, it can be packaged and sealed in plastic bags under aseptic conditions. When you eat, combine cooking and put it on the steamer. Fourth, the quality indicators finished products are brown and black, shiny, with a sense of transparency, and eggplant and risotto fragrance, hot and sour. Sanitary inspections must be free of pathogenic bacteria. E. coli must not contain more than 30 per 100 grams. (Jiangzhou)

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