Ecological balance against fruit tree pests

Pests in orchards and their natural enemies are interdependent and mutually restrictive. In the production process, this relationship is used in conjunction with strict agricultural operations to avoid the harm of pests and is extremely beneficial to the production of green fruits. I. Classification of Natural Enemies of Pests of Pests Natural enemies of pests are pests that exist at the same time as pests. They are mainly divided into two major categories: predatory and parasitic, mainly predatory ladybugs, grasshoppers, florets, thrips, and flies. Parasites, etc. When pesticides are used in orchards, they must fully protect predatory natural enemies and ensure the protection of pests and natural enemies. Second, the ecological balance of prevention and control 1. Insect pest control should be fully fried, scraped hidden insect pests, cockroaches, eggs, branches, bark and burned on the basis of the whole park in the spring spray 5 degrees lime sulfur agent. After that, according to the monitoring results of insect pests, the targeted pesticides can be sprayed in time with the weak resistance of the insect pests, and they can receive a multiplier effect. 2. Selective use of pesticides mainly include diflubenzuron, chlorfenapyr, buprofezin, Bacillus thuringiensis, Beauveria bassiana, Bt, etc., and abamectin and nisolulene in acaricides. 3. The orchard grass orchard grass, especially the inter-row grass, in addition to can effectively regulate the orchard fertility, water supply, but also conducive to the breeding and activities of natural enemies of pests. More importantly, when pests are controlled, natural enemies can escape from the grass to avoid killing them. Orchard rows between the grass, generally legume forage, such as alfalfa, ryegrass, white clover and so on.

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