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Straight-line fattening is a better way for fattening pigs. With this mode of production, we must pay attention to 7 levels. 1. Piglets breeding will not be able to purchase piglets in the affected area, but they should also be observed in isolation after purchase of piglets in the non-epidemic area, and immunizations such as swine fever, edema, lung diseases and erysipelas should be done in phases. At the same time do a good job of deworming, gastric lavage, stomach and other preparations. It is best for piglets to breed themselves and reduce the introduction of diseases. Houses, feeding troughs, etc. must be thoroughly disinfected. Deworming: The piglets were dewormed on the first day of introduction. Normally, they were dewormed with "worm insects" at 8 o'clock in the evening and half a pack of 10 kilograms of weight piglets were used. They were retransmitted at intervals of 7 days. Gastric lavage: Stomach washing with small soda, 10 grams per piglet, 15 grams or more with 15 grams, can only feed 1 time. Stomach: In the 5th to the 6th day, the mixture of yellow susu powder, 10 kg of pigs 10 grams, 15 kg can be used 15 grams. 2. The varieties of 3-4 yuan crossbred pigs have collected 3-4 excellent pig breeds with excellent quality, and the breeding effect of hybrid offspring is outstanding. For example, local, Yorkshire, Landrace, Duroc and other breeds hybridize, their offspring grow fast, consume less material, have higher feed returns, and have good economic returns. Compared with unhybridized pigs, there is a difference of about 25 kilograms in weight at 4 months. At the same time, we must choose piglets that are healthy and have basically the same size and are generally slaughtered in 4 months and weigh up to 110-120 kg. If the growth time of the extended feeding time becomes slower, the feed reward will decrease. 3. Select feeds to feed different types of feed at different stages of growth. The straight-line fattening is divided into 3 stages. The piglets are slaughtered to 30 kg for the first stage. The ratio of the piglet concentrates is 25%, that is, the feed fines 25% + corn 60% + wheat bran 15%. 30-80 kg for the second stage, with 20% with 40% -41% of the protein material ratio, that is, material fine 20% + corn 55% + wheat bran 25%. 80-120 kilograms for the third stage, with 15% of the protein content of 38% -40% protein ratio, that is, fine material 15% + corn 55% + wheat bran 30%. If no wheat bran can be used instead of corn, that is, the first phase feed 25% + corn 75%, the second phase feed 20% + corn 80%, the third phase feed 15% + corn 85%. 4, carefully feeding off the feed with a good dry feed, feeding the dry material is good, winter is not frozen, not sour in the summer, the pig after eating dry material, secrete a lot of saliva, beneficial feed digestion and absorption; also feed wet material (material, Water ratio 1:1), after 4 hours feeding in winter water seasoning and 2 hours in summer, the advantage is that the feed intake increases, water-soluble vitamins are easily absorbed, and this method can be used when the pig feed intake is reduced. Stage 1 is fed at 5% to 6% of body weight; Stage 2 is at 4% to 5% of body weight, and Stage 3 is at 3% to 4% of body weight. The above feeding amount can be freely eaten and limited intake can be fed 8-9 per day full. Feed 4 times a day. The first time is 7 o'clock, the second time is 11 o'clock, the third time is 4 o'clock, and the fourth time is 9 o'clock. 5, drinking water off the best set up automatic drinking fountains, so that pigs freely drink water, immediately after feeding water, let the pig drink enough. Drink cool water and heatstroke in summer, warm water (35°C-45°C) in winter to reduce physical energy consumption. 6. Additives to feed the first phase to feed selenium-containing trace element additives to promote bone growth, while adding water swelling drugs; the second phase to add long-acting micromycin powder to prevent bloodworms and enteritis, reduced feed intake can add health Wei San; Stage 3 adds amino acid additives to promote feed synthesis of protein to meet the need for augmentation. 7, keep the temperature off the winter low temperature affect the pig's growth and development and fattening effect, warm shed pigs can improve the feeding environment, improve the breeding efficiency. The grass shed on the warm shed should be covered, and the air holes should be protected from moisture, and the bedding should be changed frequently. The urine should be removed in time and toxic gas should be discharged (60 minutes per day at noon).

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