Tractor should pay attention to summer cooling

1, cold explosion-proof tires: high temperatures in the summer, tire rubber is easy to aging, severe puncture will occur. Therefore, the tractor should check the tire pressure at any time during the trip and find that the tire is overheated and the air pressure is too high. Stop the vehicle in a cool place and cool down. Do not pour cold water on it and do not put it there. Otherwise, it will cause a puncture on the way. 2, cooling anti-air resistance: high summer temperatures, high engine speed, heat difficulties, easy to appear air resistance, so that the engine sometimes stopped a few minutes it is difficult to start. Once air resistance occurs, the driver should immediately stop cooling and troubleshoot. 3, look at the water temperature table to prevent water shortages: high-temperature weather driving, water evaporation in the water tank to speed up, we must always pay attention to check the amount of cooling water, pay attention to the water temperature table. When you find water shortage, immediately idling and then add water, and be careful not to immediately open the radiator cover to prevent scalding. 4. Anti-deterioration of oil: Lubricants are vulnerable to heat thinning, poor oxidation resistance, perishable, and even cause failures such as burned shafts. Therefore, the crankcase and gear box should be replaced with summer lubricants, and the quantity of oil and oil quality should be checked frequently and replaced in a timely manner. 5, to clean the engine surface oil in a timely manner: the engine if the oil is too thick will affect the heat, to the hidden faults of various parts and components, using high-pressure injection method, will not corrode the body parts cleaning agent to clean the engine parts.

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