Management of late wheat management

It is only about 20 days away from the harvest of wheat. This period is not only a critical period for the formation of wheat yield, but also a prolific period for pests and diseases. What is the current wheat? The first is to use 20% triadimefone EC 75 to 100 ml or 12.5% ​​loquat 20 g plus 10% net 20 g water to 50 kg foliar spray to control wheat powdery mildew and aphids. The second is to spray 40-50 kg of 1%-2% urea and 0.5%-1% of potassium dihydrogen phosphate mixture per mu in the initial stage of grain filling to increase the ability of plants to resist dry hot wind, premature aging and lodging, and increase grain weight. .

Chunmee 9371 is one of the treasures of Green Tea. The quality features are: thin and tight, even and flat, good clarity, green color, smooth cream.The aroma is pure and lasting, the taste is rich and mellow, and the liquor color is green and bright. The picking standard of fresh leaves is the initial development of one bud, one leaf and one bud and two leaves. For those with thick white hair and strong buds, six processes are selected, such as spreading, killing, rolling, baking, frying and re-drying.  Chunmee 9371 Green Tea has special quality and health function, its effect is like rhinoceros horn, has cool and refreshing detoxification, bright eye decrease internal heat's wonderful effect, can treat "fire disease".

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Chunmee 9371

Chunmee 9371 Green Tea

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