Pesticide sprayer maintenance technology

Nebulizers are the main tools for the prevention and control of pests and diseases. Some farmers attach importance to their use. They care less about maintenance, and they just throw them away after they are deactivated. In this way, it will not only be difficult to use in the coming year, but also seriously affect the life of the sprayer. Here are some maintenance knowledge: After the sprayer is deactivated, it is necessary to first clean the liquid barrel, hose, spray bar and other components. Special attention should be paid to removing grease from the pump and dirt from the bottom of the liquid barrel. Because most of the pesticides have a certain amount of corrosion on the sprayer, after being decommissioned, it is necessary to wash it with alkaline water in time, and then rinse with clean water. Especially after spraying Bordeaux mixture, it is best to soak in alkaline water for 1-2 hours, because Bordeaux fluid is very corrosive. Take care to prevent rust. All detachable parts must be removed and cleaned. The inner wall of the boom and nozzle should be washed with oil to prevent rust. To do a good job of maintenance. Check each component in detail. All parts that are fixed with screws or places that are often subject to wear must be coated with glycerin. If damaged parts are found, they must be repaired in time for reuse. Complete the above check and store the small parts of toilet paper and place it in the reservoir to avoid accidental loss. Do not put it in a dark, damp corner, let alone store it in the open air.

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