Fresh-keeping methods of several kinds of daily edible vegetables

1, parsley preservation. Pick a large, brightly colored, rooted parsley and tie it into small bundles of about 500 grams. Outer layers of paper (without seeing green leaves) are packed in plastic bags and loosely tied to the mouth of the parsley for the roots of coriander. Put the bag in a cool place and follow it. Using this method to store parsley can make parsley fresh as early as 7-10 days. For long-term storage of parsley, the roots of parsley can be removed, old leaves and yellow leaves can be removed, spread for 1 to 2 days, and then braided and dried in the shade. When it is eaten, it can be soaked in warm boiled water. The green color of the parsley is not yellow and the flavor still exists. 2, eggplant preservation. The epidermis of the eggplant is covered with a layer of wax, which not only makes the eggplant shine, but also has the function of protecting the eggplant. Once the waxy layer is washed away or mechanically damaged, it is susceptible to being rotted and deteriorated by microorganisms. Therefore, eggplants to be preserved generally cannot be washed with water, but also be protected from rain, bumps, heat, and stored in a cool, ventilated place. 3, leeks preservation. The freshly-purchased fresh leeks are tied with small ropes and placed in water basins. It will not dry for a long time, not bad. Celery, garland chrysanthemum, onion, etc. can also be used to keep fresh. 4, fresh tomatoes. Pick tomatoes with complete fruits, good quality, and five or six servings, put them in plastic food bags, tightly closed and placed in a cool place. Open the bag once a day, ventilation for 5 minutes. If there is steam in the plastic bag, wipe it with a clean towel and tie it tightly. The tomatoes in the bag will gradually mature and can last for about 30 days.

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