Emphasis on summer walnut management

In the summer, the growth of walnut shoots is the fastest, and the physiological activity is the strongest. It is the period with the highest bud survival rate and the most critical period. Yellow-spotted moths, moth-eating moths (walnuts black), walnut yellow groves, cloud beetles, gypsy moths, walnut-wing moths and other pests began to emerge and spawn. A lot of rot and blight have occurred. During this period, budding tasks should be completed promptly to monitor pest occurrence at any time. 1. After the buds connected by buds and shoots are picked, the compound leaves should be cut off immediately. The petioles should be left to 0.5 cm or so, and they should be wrapped in wet sacks or wet cloths and placed at a low temperature. When the buds are picked up, bring a bucket. Fill the bucket with 10 cm of water. Place the scion into the bucket and cover with a damp cloth or wet towel. Take one after the other. Before budding, the buds of the scion shall be cut up and down with a double-edged knife, and then a knife shall be cut vertically around the bud. Then cut the head of the rootstock seedlings, cut 6-8 pieces of compound leaves, cut them up and down at the first 3-4 pieces of compound leaves and smooth parts with a double-edged knife, and then cut a knife on one side, and then use the knife edge or The fingernails are buckled, and then the buds that have been cut on the scion are quickly snapped down, embedded in the anvil cuts, one side is aligned, and on the other side, according to the bud width, one finger is used to hold the buds, and the other hand is to tear off the root stocks. Allow the shoots to be aligned with the left and right sides of the incisions on the rootstock (up and down because of the use of a double-blade bud-knife to align them) and then use a plastic strip to fasten them. 2. Monitoring the occurrence of pests and diseases In areas where the occurrence of walnut limb moth (walnut black) is severe, observe the process of lifting limbs from cockroaches to adults, spawning eggs and hatching into larvae during the emergence period, spawning period, and hatching. During the period of 10 days once sprayed 25% 600 times the carbaryl solution, or enemy killed 5,000 times the liquid or 8% dimethoate EC 800-1000 times. Artificially controlled areas such as the yellow-spotted moth (Brachyura falciparum, Brown-brown moth) can be artificially controlled, that is, from the bottom up looking at the early stage of egg hatching, where insects eat the leaves, using scissors (or High-tech shears cut the leaves and die with their feet (because the larvae of the moth have a habit of colony feeding). This method is simple and effective. This method is suitable for areas where the area is small, or where the population density is not large. It can also spray 90% trichlorfon 800 times or 25% imidophos emulsion 1500 times. For gypsy moths, walnut tumor moths, etc. can be sprayed in the early stages of insecticides, the effect is good. In areas where there are serious calves, wire hooks will be used to produce worms and sawdust. Hooked in with small hooks or stuffed with insecticides on cotton balls. Mud sealed. In areas where walnut groves are serious, in addition to the prevention and control in the winter, the rhizomes can be dug from June to July. The axe can be used to cut the cortex every 10 centimeters or so, using dichlorvos 5 times solution, or 50% phosphine 50. -100 times heavy spraying roots, and then sealed with soil, poisoning larvae and fleas, the effect is significant. In regions where there are serious diseases such as rot and ulcers, the methods for prevention and treatment are the same as above. 3, replenishment to ensure that the tree is robust If the weather is dry, you can fill the water. According to the situation, furrow irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, hole irrigation or storage of fertilizer and water can be used.

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