Peanut increase production

Pruning: When the peanuts begin to have a calyx, use scissors to cut the diseased branches and flowerless branches. When cutting branches without flowering branches, leave 3-4 branches for each dwarf. When branches and leaves are lush, leave 2-3 branches per lobe. This will achieve the goal of full and large fruit. Removal of the main stem: The apical dominance of the peanut is very prominent. After 10 days of flowering, removal of the main stem has a significant effect on yield increase. It can increase production by about 10% per 667 square meters, and it can be removed too early or too late. The effect is not significant. Peanut hibernation: In the peak season of peanut growth, artificial hibernation measures can be used to control the lower part of the needle, which can increase the number of single-hole effects by 3-5 and increase the yield by 15%. The method is: generally in late July - early August, choose the sunny afternoon after 3 pm, use the feet to stand upside down peanuts, to shorten the distance between the needle and the ground, prompting the fruit to reach the soil as soon as possible to control, increase fruit The purpose of income increase. Skillful application of calcium fertilizer: peanuts require a large amount of calcium, the demand for calcium is greater than phosphorus, close to potassium, especially in the solid phase requires a large amount of calcium. The use of gypsum in soils that are deficient in calcium or sulfur deficiency is beneficial to the formation of peanut shells and improves the rate of results. In earthworm burying fruit: when a large number of peanut needles enter the soil, there is always a part of the fruit needle that is difficult to get into the soil. If you first use hoe to pound the peanuts between the rows, then bury the fruit in the soil around the fruit seedlings. This can increase the rate of penetration of the fruit needle. As a result, the output can generally be increased by about 15% in 667 square meters. Skillful application of micro-fertilizer: peanuts on the boron fertilizer, molybdenum and other small demand, but the impact is great. In the emergence stage, flowering period of 667 square meters with a 0.2% borax solution 50 kilograms of each spray on the foliage; growth period of 667 square meters with 0.1-0.2% ammonium molybdate aqueous solution 50 kilograms of spray once, 667 square meters increase production up to 20 %the above. Control of pests: timely control, found that helium harm, 50% phoxim 1500 times can be used to root. Peanuts are susceptible to leaf spot and flower rust in the late growth period. Control methods: Leaf spot disease: Spray 75% thiophanate 1000 times 70-80 kg or 80% carbendazim 800-1000 times 70-80 kg per 667 square meters. Flower rust disease: In the early stage of disease, 667 square meters is sprayed with 20% triadimefon emulsion 30-40 ml of water and 40 kg of water to protect the middle and late functional leaves. When the plant height reaches 30-35 centimeters, 667 square meters is sprayed with 15% to 15 milliliters of water and 40-50 kilograms of 20% of the chuangsheng prime for 1-2 times to prevent prolonged growth and high quality.

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