Occurrence and Prevention of Autumn Chinese Cabbage

During the growth process of autumn cabbage, it is the most important place to avoid habitat damage. Once the damage of the mantle, it will not only strictly reduce the production, reduce the economic income, but also affect the edible value of cabbage. The mantle that harms autumn cabbage is a larva of radish. It belongs to the Diptera family, Felididae, and is a oligophagous pest. It mainly harms cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage and radish. Only by identifying the underground pests of this vegetable, and grasping its habits and activities, and adopting appropriate prevention and control measures, can we achieve better results. 1 Morphological characteristics 1.1 Adult males are slightly thin and small, about 7 mm in length, 14 mm in wingspan, dark in body color, 3 black vertical lines on the back of the chest, 1 black vertical line in the center of the abdomen, and black stripes on each abdominal segment. . There are eight small squares in the center of the abdomen, and one sparse hair grows below the hind leg. The female body is stout, all yellow-brown, with no markings on the back of the thorax and abdomen, and the wings are dark yellow. When the two wings are stationary, they are placed on the back of the abdomen and are longer than the ends of the abdomen. The wing veins are all straight; the back hairs and shields of the male and female anterior wings are The hair in the back of the ditch is roughly equal. The distance between the two compound eyes of the female flies is large, the width is about 1/3 of the head width; the distance between the two compound eyes of the male is small, and the two eyes are almost in contact. 1.2 eggs about 1.30 mm long, long oval, slightly curved, curved longitudinal grooves, milky white. 1.3 The larvae of mature larvae are 9 mm in length and have fine heads with 1 pair of black hooks. The tail is thick and has 6 pairs of protrusions. The 5th pair is large and divided into two forks. The 6th pair is short and small, but it is still prominent and does not fork. The 1.4-inch worm is about 7 mm long, cylindrical, reddish-brown or tan-brown, with six pairs of protrusions at the tail. 2 Life habits Radish flies occur once a year, and they spend more than 10 months in the dormancy period. In the second year of adult emergence, it began to appear mainly in early August and continued until late September. It occurred in the middle and late August. Adults come out in the morning, evening or on a cloudy day, and they stay inactive when the sun is strong at noon. In autumn, the climate is warm and humid and occurs seriously. In the days 1-2 after rainfall or irrigation, the number of adults significantly increases. After the adult has emerged, about 7 days later, it lays eggs on the topsoil and the base around the first and second layers of the cabbage plant and around the base. The eggs are hatched as larvae after 4-7 days, and the larval period is about 30 days. . After the emergence of this larva, first eat the base of the petiole adjacent to the root phase of the cabbage and the surrounding vegetable rags, and then eat the roots of the cabbage, which is a curved insect path or hole. When the temperature decreases, the damage is aggravated and the cabbage soft rot is easily induced. occur. 3 Control methods 3.1 Control of adults When the ratio of males and females is close to 1:1 or the amount of adults suddenly increases, it is necessary to control the proper period of adults. 3.1.1 According to the characteristics of the drosophila with sucking sweet and sour liquid, it is hunted and killed. With sugar 0.50 kg, vinegar 1 kg, water 7.50 kg, plus 20 grams of trichlorfon, made into a mixture, in early August or so, in the field every 8-10 meters to dig a big bowl of pit, press Put a plastic bag in the size of the pit and pour 100 grams of the mixture. Mix it once every 10 days or so to kill large numbers of adults. 3.1-2 When a sudden increase in the amount of adults was discovered, 90% crystals of trichlorfon 800-1000 times, or 80% of dichlorvos 1000 times, were sprayed once every 7 days, and sprayed 2-3 times. Get a good control effect. 3.1.3 Prevention and control of larvae The procreation period of about 10 days for the spawning period, or when the field egg rate of 10%, it is to control the larval period. 3.1.4. Apply sufficient fermented and decomposed organic fertilizer, and do deep application and uniform application, and isolate well from the seed. 3.1.5 When sowing, soaking 4-5 tablets of salt for each cover seed prevents oysters. 3.1.6 Soak the seed with water, then mix it with the pot bottom ash so that the seed can be attached with the pot bottom ash; or at the time of sowing, apply a pinch cavity oil every time, and also prevent the occurrence of mantle . 3.1.7 15-20 kg of fine furnace ash residue with fine sand or sieve, mix 2.50% of 0.50 kg of trichlorfon powder, mix well and spread around the root of cabbage to prevent the ground from invading into the root of cabbage. 3.1.8 Topdressing ammonia can also prevent the occurrence of mantle. About 30 days after the cabbage is planted, use 1 kg of ammonia water, add 100 kg of fresh water, stir and mix the roots, and pour about 150-200 grams into each pot. Or combined with autumn cabbage irrigation, the ammonia slowly poured into running water for furrow irrigation, this will not only prevent the occurrence of mantle, but also play the role of top dressing. 3.1.9 When the fall crops are harmed by autumn Chinese cabbage, 90% crystals of trichlorfon 1000 times, or 40% dimethoate 1500 times, or 50% phoxim EC 2,000 times, can be used for root filling. About 200 grams of irrigating solution will make the liquid flow from the heart of cabbage to the rhizosphere and ensure that the roots are moist. Generally, the roots are 1-2 times to kill the earthworms.

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