Suggestions on Application of Fertilizer for Agricultural Production in Sichuan

At present, our province is in an important period of field management of big spring crops, planning of late autumn, and production of Xiaochun in the coming year. Local governments must attach great importance to popularizing scientific fertilization and grasp fertilizer reserves.

1. Do a good job in fertilizer demand forecasting. Our province is an important chemical fertilizer production base in the country. In addition to satisfying the needs of the province, nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers also have a large number of outward adjustments. After the “5.12” mega earthquake, chemical fertilizers in our province, especially phosphorus chemical companies, suffered serious losses. Mianzhu and Shifang are the major producing areas of phosphate rock resources in our province. Mines collapsed and highways were destroyed. A large number of phosphate fertilizer production enterprises stopped production and it was difficult to recover in the short term. From the current situation analysis, nitrogen fertilizer can be restored to the pre-disaster level in the short term, and it can fully guarantee current and future agricultural production needs. The preliminary prediction of phosphate fertilizer supply is 50% of the gap, and it will lead to the continued rise of phosphate fertilizer prices, further affecting farmers’ enthusiasm for fertilizer input. All localities must do a good job in forecasting demand, assist in organizing sources of supply, and ensure the need for agricultural production.

2, timely grasp the big spring crop top dressing. All areas of rice and corn have gradually entered the top-dressing period, and rice should be topped off in a timely manner by tiller and panicle fertilizers. Maize should pay attention to applying Miaofei and attacking manure in due course. At present, in the earthquake-stricken areas, farmers lack money, coupled with the destruction of some township roads, there are temporary shortages of fertilizers out of stock, the agricultural sector must promptly organize the current urgently needed nitrogen and other nitrogen fertilizers, and take measures such as credit sales to guide farmers to see seedlings fertilizer.

3, vigorously promote soil testing and formulating fertilization. In response to this year's rising prices of chemical fertilizers and the tight supply of some products, we will guide farmers to apply scientific fertilization, vigorously promote soil testing and formula fertilization, and strive to increase the efficiency of chemical fertilizer utilization and reduce production costs. The province will rely on 102 countries in soil testing and formulating fertilization project counties and 34 provincial project counties to rely on it, and strive to complete the 60 million acres of promotion tasks, to promote the province's soil testing and formula fertilization in full swing.

4, promote the application of organic fertilizer. Local governments must also organize and mobilize the masses, make full use of the rich organic fertilizer resources, carry out large-scale production of farmyard manure, roll over the remaining straw, stacking, and covering as fertilizer, and strive to use organic fertilizers to reach more than 1,500 kilograms per acre in late autumn and spring. It can not only alleviate the contradiction between phosphorus and potassium fertilizer shortages, but also save costs, improve the efficiency of chemical fertilizers, improve farmland ecological environment and improve the quality of agricultural products. (The Department of Soil and Fertilizer Ecology, Sichuan Provincial Department of Agriculture)

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