Application of carton compression tester

The pressure resistance of the carton is an important quality indicator for many commodity packaging requirements. When testing, the corrugated box is placed between the two pressure plates, and the pressure when the carton is crushed is the pressure resistance of the carton, which is represented by KN.
1. Predetermined carton pressure strength The carton requires a certain compressive strength. It is because the carton stacked in the lower layer of the zui is subjected to the pressure of the upper carton during the storage and transportation process. In order not to collapse, it must have suitable resistance. The compressive strength and the compressive strength of the carton are calculated by the following formula:
P----carton compressive strength, N
W----Carton weight after loading, N
n----stacking layer number K----stacking code safety factor The number of stacking layers n is obtained from the stacking height H and the height of a single carton, n=H/h
The stacking code safety factor is determined according to the number of layers of the stacking code. The national standard specifies:
Storage period less than 30d, take K=1.6
Storage period 30d-100d take K=1.65
Storage period is greater than 100d, take K=2.0
2. Calculate the compressive strength of the carton according to the raw materials. After the compressive strength of the carton is predetermined, the appropriate carton board and corrugated paper should be selected to produce corrugated boxes to avoid waste caused by blind production;
There are many formulas for calculating the compressive strength of a carton based on the ring crush strength of the base paper, but the more concise and practical is the kellicutt formula, which is suitable for estimating the compressive strength of the 0201 type carton.
3. The method for determining the compressive strength of the carton is affected by various factors in the production process. The compressive strength of the carton produced by the raw materials after Zui is not necessarily consistent with the estimation result. Therefore, the method of accurately determining the compressive strength of the corrugated box is determined by Zui. The carton is heated and treated with a carton compression tester; for small and medium-sized factories without test equipment, a wooden board can be placed on the carton, and then an equal amount of heavy objects are piled on the wooden board to roughly determine the compressive strength of the carton. Whether the requirements are met;
4. Factors affecting the compressive strength of the carton 1) Quality of raw materials The base paper is the decisive factor in determining the compressive strength of the carton, as can be seen by the kellicutt formula. However, the influence of other conditions in the production process of corrugated cardboard is not allowed to be neglected, such as the amount of binder, high-impact impregnation, coating, and composite processing.
2) Moisture Carton is made of corrugated cardboard with too high water content, or it can reduce its compressive strength when stored in a humid environment for a long time. Fiber is a kind of water-absorbent. When the rainy season and the humidity in the air are high, the relationship between the moisture content of the paperboard and the atmospheric environment is very important.
3) Box type Box type refers to the type of box and the size ratio of boxes of the same type, which have a significant influence on the compressive strength. Some carton boxes are made of double-layer corrugated cardboard, and the compressive strength is obviously improved compared with the single-layer box of the same specification; under the same conditions, the higher the box, the worse the stability and the lower the compressive strength.
4) Printing and opening printing will reduce the compressive strength of the carton. Products with venting requirements are opened in the box surface, or punching the handle hole on the side of the box, which will reduce the strength of the carton, especially the large opening area, biased to a certain side, etc., the impact is more obvious.
5) Processing process deviation In the process of box making, the pressure line is improper, the groove is too deep, and the combination is not strong, etc., and the pressure resistance of the box is also reduced. Third, the carton dynamic performance test For some specific commodity packaging, such as ceramics, glass products, electrical appliances, instruments, etc., but also to check the carton cushioning performance of the goods, that is, simulation transport, handling, vibration, drop and other tests;
1. Drop test The carton after the packaged product is dropped from the specified height according to the posture of the package, and the goodness of the packaged goods in the carton after a certain number of times is detected, or the number of times the carton falls when the carton is damaged.
2. Slope impact test Rotate the carton on the trolley and then slide it off the slope of a certain height, and then hit the baffle. It is similar to the emergency braking situation during transportation.
3. Vibration test The carton is packaged on the vibrating table and subjected to vibration in the horizontal and vertical directions, or subjected to two-way vibration at the same time. After a certain period of time, the time of inspection of the merchandise or the destruction of the merchandise carton is checked.
4. Hex drum rotation test Put the carton into the hexagonal rotary drum equipped with the impact plate, rotate according to the specified number of revolutions, and then check the damage of the goods and the carton.
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