Method for fattening pests

"To cure pests with fertilizers" is to use fertilizers to achieve the purpose of killing crop pests. This is the two new pest control and pest control methods that have been promoted and used in recent years. This method can both prevent and treat insects, but also has fertilization efficiency, and does not kill natural enemies of pests, and it does not pollute the environment. The specific approach is as follows:

Phosphorus pesticides. The bollworm is most afraid of phosphorus in the egg stage and immediately sees phosphorus to escape. According to this characteristic, 2% of the superphosphate leaching solution can be used to apply the foliar spray to the cotton, leaving 1 line every 5 lines without spraying, driving the bollworm to spawn centrally, and then collectively destroying. Another characteristic of the cotton bollworm is that when it comes to the acid that is secreted from the cotton, it is clustered to lay eggs. At this time, if sprayed with 2% superphosphate solution, the chemical reaction with oxalic acid and folic acid secreted by the cotton can make the eggs of the bollworm hardened, so that the bollworm larvae can not be broken and die, so as to achieve harm reduction. purpose.

Nitrogen insecticide. With a 2% urea solution, or a 1% ammonium bicarbonate solution, or a 0.5% ammonia solution, extra-root spray was applied at the time of pest occurrence. Because these three kinds of nitrogen fertilizers have strong volatility, they have certain fumigation and corrosion effects on pests, especially the control of some insects with small size and weak endurance, such as spider mites, leafhoppers, and thrips.

Silicon-calcium pesticides. Silicon-calcium fertilizer is a new kind of chemical fertilizer. When the crop is fertilized, silicon fertilizer is incorporated. After the crop is absorbed, silicon will accumulate in the epidermis cells of the crop and form a hard defense. Practice has proved that corn, sorghum, soybeans, beans and other acres of calcium and calcium fertilizer application 20 kilograms, to avoid the hazards of corn borer, bean meal. In rice, wheat and other crops, with 20-30 kg of silicon-calcium fertilizer per acre, can greatly reduce the risk of armyworm.

Ashes kill insects. The use of 10 kg of grass ash mixed with water 50 kg, soaked for a day and night, and take the filtrate spray, can effectively control the locusts on fruit trees, crops and flowers, and can add potash fertilizer, enhance the lodging resistance of crops and flowers and young fruit trees wind resistance . If appropriate amount of trichlorfon is added to the grass ash liquid, the contact and fumigation effects of the liquid medicine can be enhanced, and the killing ability of the insects such as aphids and red spiders can be enhanced. It can also control the maggots of the species fly and onion fly. The control effect can reach more than 90%, generally increasing the yield of the crop by 15-20%. Roses, azaleas, oleanders, and other flowers, such as maggots that are subject to seed flies, can also be controlled by plant ash.

Urine washing mixture kills insects. Mu 250-500 grams of urea, plus detergent 100 grams, watered 50 kilograms, mixing and mixing into a "urine-washing mixture" spray, can control crops, vegetables and apple spider mites, aphids and other pests, not only pollution-free, But also has top dressing efficiency.

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