Soil conditions and application of boron fertilizer

Soil conditions and application of boron fertilizer: The level of water-soluble boron in soil is closely related to the effect of boron fertilizer, which is an important basis for determining whether or not to apply boron. According to research by the Institute of Oil Crops, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, The water-soluble boron content in the soil is seriously deficient in boron below 0.3 mg/kg, boron deficiency is less than 0.5 mg/kg, boron application has a significant effect on yield increase, and boron fertilizer should be preferentially distributed in low water-soluble boron content. On the soil. The content of soil boron is also related to the application method of boron fertilizer. When the soil is seriously deficient in boron, basal fertilizer is better, and the soil with light boron deficiency is usually treated with extra-root fertilizer.

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