Why can balanced protein feed effectively prevent pig infectious diseases?

For pig infectious diseases, some special immune drugs cannot be contained yet. How can the problem be solved by feeding feed? In other words, why can balanced protein feed effectively prevent pig infectious diseases?

To effectively prevent infectious diseases, we must first understand why pigs are infected with infectious diseases. Why are some pig farms in the same area not infected with infectious diseases, and some pig farms are infected with infectious diseases? This is because the occurrence of infectious diseases does not depend on the presence of pathogens on the farm, but on the outcome of the immune cells and pathogens in the pig's body. If the number of pathogens is small, the immunity of the pig is strong. The outcome of the battle is that the immune cells destroy the pathogen and the herd does not develop. On the contrary, the herd begins to develop; if the two sides are evenly matched, the herd becomes the carrier of the pathogen. Therefore, the most effective way to fight pig diseases is to increase the pig's immunity.

Balanced protein feed is specifically designed to improve pig immunity and prevent pig infectious diseases. It contains a variety of disease-resistant strains that can improve the gastrointestinal tract flora balance of the pigs; contains COQ (coenzyme Q) to improve the pig's Immunity; Inactivated bacteria, let pigs eat bacteria are not afraid of bacteria; With linoleic acid, glutamine, improve the disease resistance of pigs; Betaine, small peptides, lysine, methionine, so that pigs grow faster The body is better. Therefore, feeding balanced protein feed can not only prevent the disease on the pig farm, reduce the input of medicines, but also improve the quality of animal products, and increase the income of pig farms (households) in both directions. At present, the feed industry in China is mainly a nutritional formula, and it is not allocated according to the physiological habits of pigs, but not according to the omnivorous habits of pigs. Of course pigs are prone to illness. The most special physiology of pigs is eating underground food. Past nutrition experts believe that pigs are arched to eat soil and minerals. This is incomplete. If this is the case, the pig can use its tongue to lick it. Pigs eat underground food such as underground microbial protein. In this regard, the experts of Henan Tianyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Microbiology Institute are very clear and have taken this as the research direction and developed microbial protein feed strains. There are dozens of feed companies in the country to purchase this technology. After the pigs eat the microbial protein feed, they can quickly return to the “original” health status of the local pigs and wild boars. No diarrhea, no rain or cold, and pigs are very difficult to get sick.

Microbial protein feed is a high-quality solid material using microbial proteins. It is made by combining EM microbiological agents of the second beneficial microorganism and purification and scientific fermentation. Green new product - microbial protein feed, can enhance animal immunity, increase digestive tract absorption, regulate intestinal microbial balance, speed up the growth of livestock and poultry, reduce feed costs, improve meat quality, remove fecal odor, improve the breeding environment , increase economic income.

Microbial protein feed introduction

Microbial protein feed is made of high-quality solid materials and uses a variety of beneficial microbial strains approved by the Ministry of Agriculture. It is a secondary product of liquid and solid fermentation and is a green generation product.

1, greatly improve the nutritional value of feed.

2, enhance the body immunity of livestock and poultry, improve digestion and absorption capacity.

3. Regulate the microbial balance of the intestine and speed up the growth of livestock and poultry.

4, reduce the disease to save drug residues.

5. Eliminate odor in the barracks and implement ecological farming.

6. Reduce feeding costs and increase effective output.

7. Produce safe, healthy and pollution-free high-quality green animal-derived foods.

The main ingredients:

Live, plant protein, yeast protein, Bacillus, EM, Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, Bacillus subtilis, photosynthetic bacteria, yeast and other living bacteria content 10 billion / g. Rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals, protein , compound enzymes, and other accessories.

Why use vaccines to prevent pig infectious diseases is always difficult to achieve the intended purpose?

Effective vaccines can only be developed after the disease has emerged and stabilized. Therefore, humans are often in a passive situation in the fight against infectious diseases. There are also some infectious diseases that have no vaccine at all, such as bowel disease and eperythrozoonosis. For some newly researched vaccines, there are still problems with inaccurate immune effects. There are currently only four types of vaccines with 100% immunity, including swine fever, pseudorabies, meningitis B, and parvovirus. For more well-known or unknown diseases, the use of drugs is basically no way. In addition, the drug is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it produces a series of side effects. On the other hand, it is easy to form residues and affect the quality of livestock products.

In recent years, there have been numerous examples of livestock products that affect exports due to drug residues. Therefore, jumping out of the circle of specific immunity is a necessary way to prevent pig infectious diseases. Balanced protein feed can be described as a time of day and will also be popular.

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Test Items



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Molecular weight

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Heavy metal


Bacterial counts


Mold and Yeast




Sterile Test


Shelf Life

Two Years


The results meet the standard


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