9 factors to consider when purchasing a labeler

1 , the design of the labeling machine
Designed and rugged labeling machine for better resistance to external forces and vibrations in demanding production environments. Therefore, when purchasing, make sure that the labeling machine supplier uses high quality parts. Ask him what type of parts to use and the name of the manufacturer. Some suppliers will provide a standard spare parts list if requested by the customer.
2 , the supplier's experience
When selecting equipment, consider the supplier's labeler design and application experience. Make sure that the supplier takes into account all of your requirements, from the type of product to be labeled, product specifications, production process, labeling concerns, model selection and speed. For example, if you want the labeler to meet a variety of production needs, do not choose a model with a single function and a small range of applications.
In the case that the labeling requirements are not high, avoid the pursuit of high configuration blindly, causing over-capacity and wasting money, but should choose a reasonable configuration according to the actual labeling requirements.
Also, to ensure that suppliers understand the labeling process and know what labeling materials are required for their labeling machine production, labeling machine manufacturers generally have extensive experience.
3 , professional
Buyers should also consider the professionalism of the supplier, the variety of labeling models, and the specificity of the equipment. General professional labeling machine manufacturers have accumulated rich experience in equipment design, production, assembly, commissioning, installation and maintenance, to provide you with support and services.
4 , customized
Choose a supplier that can customize the labeling machine according to your requirements, and make subtle changes to the design to meet your real needs. The so-called customization, when it is easy, may only need to change the size, or replace an electronic component, and even redesign an important part of the labeling machine when it is complicated. Suppliers should be able to manufacture labeling machines and have all the necessary experience and customization capabilities to provide a comprehensive solution.
5 , flexibility
Packaging needs are likely to change, now and in the future. So when choosing a labeling machine, this can't be ignored. If you anticipate that the product or product size will change in the future, make sure that the machine you buy can be modified, or that it can handle different sizes. In addition, you have to figure out if the speed of the labeler you want to buy can meet your current and future speed needs.
6 , the size of the labeling machine
In addition, when selecting a supplier, it depends on whether he can provide a variety of labeling machines, so that you can easily find the model that suits your packaging line. If you buy a large front-end product handling equipment, you can buy a smaller size labeler. In short, look at a few more labeling machines, compare them, and then choose zui suitable for your factory size labeling machine.
7 , can be integrated with upstream and downstream equipment
The labeling machine is usually located in the middle of the production line, to ensure that the labeling machine you buy can connect and communicate with upstream and downstream equipment. Because a production line also includes a variety of other machines, such as filling machines, bar code detectors, upstream printers and capping machines, as well as downstream cartoners and palletizers. If you only buy one labeling machine, make sure your supplier knows how to match your production line, such as the speed requirements of the labeling machine, the height requirements and the design of the joints.
8 , delivery time
Today's customers require fast delivery and, more importantly, they require suppliers to deliver the labeling machine within the agreed deadline. Labeling machine manufacturers are generally equipped with standard models of the spot, which can quickly provide equipment to customers. If you need to order, you can request a supplier's production plan to ensure all production steps, including design, procurement, assembly, testing, wiring, and programming.
9 , technical service support
After the labeling machine is installed at the factory, the supplier should continue to provide it. By knowing how many service technicians a supplier has, you can know how fast his service feedback is. Choose a supplier that can provide 24- hour service. If you and the supplier are in different areas, make sure you are within his service coverage area.
In general, customers need to train operators, maintenance and electrical technology after buying a new labeling machine. Therefore, choose a supplier that can provide a full range of training services.

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