Nitrogen-fixing bacteria fertilizer application method

Azotobacter fertilizers are microbial fertilizers containing a large amount of aerobic nitrogen-fixing bacteria. The self-sustaining bacteria of nitrogen-fixing bacteria do not coexist with higher plants and are not selected by the host. Instead, they live independently in the soil and use the organic matter in the soil or the organic substances secreted by the roots as the carbon source to fix the nitrogen in the air, or directly use the inorganic nitrogen in the soil. Compound. Nitrogen-fixing bacteria are widely distributed in soil, and their distribution is mainly affected by organic matter content, pH, soil moisture, soil maturity, and available phosphorus, potassium, and calcium contents.

Nitrogen-fixing bacteria fertilizer has a certain role in increasing production of cotton, rice, wheat, peanuts, rape, corn, sorghum, potatoes, tobacco, sugarcane, and various vegetables.
Its application is as follows:

1. Base application: Compatible with organic manure and furrow application, apply soil immediately after application.

2. Topdressing: Mix well with wet and dry soil, stack for three or five days, add diluted manure water, and ditch the soil in the root of the crop.

3. Seed dressing: Add appropriate amount of water in the bacterial fertilizer, mix it, pour into the seed mix, remove the shade and sow.


1. Azotobacter is sensitive to the pH value of the soil, and its optimum pH is 7.4-7.6. When applying nitrogen-fixing bacteria fertilizer on acidic soil, it should be combined with lime to increase nitrogen fixation efficiency. Fertilizers with over-acid, over-alkali or pesticides with bactericidal effects should not be mixed with nitrogen-fixing bacteria to avoid strong inhibition.

2. The nitrogen-fixing bacteria are required to increase the soil moisture. When the soil moisture content is 25% to 40% of the maximum water holding capacity in the field, it begins to grow, and when it is 60% to 70%, it grows best. Therefore, pay attention to soil moisture conditions when applying nitrogen-fixing fungus fertilizer.

3. Azotobacter is an intermediate temperature bacteria. The most suitable growth temperature is 25-30°C. Below 10°C or above 40°C, growth will be inhibited. Therefore, the nitrogen-fixing bacteria fertilizer should be stored in a cool place, and must maintain a certain humidity and prevent exposure.

4. Nitrogen-fixing bacteria can fully exert their nitrogen fixation only in an environment rich in carbohydrates and lack of combined nitrogen. When the ratio of carbon to nitrogen in soil is lower than 40 to 70:1, nitrogen fixation stops rapidly. The appropriate ratio of carbon to nitrogen in soil is the most important condition for nitrogen-fixing bacteria to develop into dominant bacteria and fix nitrogen. Therefore, nitrogen-fixing bacteria are best applied to organic-rich soils or applied with organic fertilizers.

5. After applying a large amount of nitrogenous fertilizer in the soil, the nitrogen-fixing bacteria should be applied every 10 days, otherwise it will reduce the nitrogen-fixing ability of nitrogen-fixing bacteria. However, the combined use of nitrogen-fixing agents and phosphorus, potassium and trace element fertilizers can promote the activity of nitrogen-fixing bacteria, especially in poor soils.

6. Nitrogen-fixing bacteria fertilizer is suitable for various crops, especially leafy vegetables in grasses and vegetables. Nitrogen-fixing fungus fertilizer is generally used as a seed dressing, with the broadcast with the broadcast, then cover soil to avoid direct sunlight. It can also be applied as a basal fertilizer on a vegetable seed bed or mixed with a cotton cover seed fertilizer. It can also be applied to the roots of crops or combined with irrigation.

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