Shallow canal farming freshwater crayfish technology

To use the slack field for returning cultivated land to forests, design shallow channel aquaculture freshwater crayfish, the yield per mu can reach 200 kg, the survival rate is 85%, the specification is 40/kg, and the net profit per mu is more than 2,000 yuan. This method is simple, easy to operate and manage, it does not affect the growth of trees, but also make full use of land resources. The technique is summarized as follows:

First, excavation of shallow channels

Between the row spacing of the trees, a canal of several meters (based on topography), a bottom width of 1-1.5 meters and a depth of 0.5-0.7 meters was excavated. A fourteen-thick thick plastic film was laid on the bottom of the channel. The film was mainly used to retain water. To prevent the baptism of trees. The film should be further 20-25 cm thick, and the remaining soil can be used to reinforce the dike to reinforce the aqueduct. It should be compacted to prevent water leakage and form a shallow channel with a length of 2-3 meters and a depth of 1-1.2 meters. After the shallow water channel is dug into, 200-300 kilograms of pig manure or large manure applied per acre is added to the canal to soak, so that the sediment is softened, so that the mud rots, water and fertilizer. Use 50-75 kg of quicklime to adjust water quality per acre, and use it after one week.

To create an ecological environment suitable for the growth of crayfish in shallow water channels, we must first make a shoal of approximately 1.5 square meters every 2 meters (exposed surface), and small round rods with a diameter of 2-4 centimeters can be used to artificially make some sizes. Different caves for hidden shrimp, this method can reduce the lobster damage to the channel. The submerged plants and shoals are to be transplanted with submerged plants such as Vallisneria, Hymenocallis, and Hydra, as well as a small number of water hyacinths, duckweeds, and the like. Aquatic grasses account for 50% of the canal area. Aquatic grasses and shoals can be used by lobsters to inhabit, dig and crawl, and can also be used to dilute lotus roots.

Second, aquaculture technology

1, seed procurement: After the canal clear can be used, you can purchase seed. Wide range of seed sources can be purchased from artificially propagated or lobster seed captured from natural waters. The seedlings should be kept as short as possible. To grasp the quality of shrimp, choose a healthy, individual more uniform, spiritual exuberant shrimp. If the shrimp seedlings are found to be sluggish, severely dehydrated, or injured, they cannot be used as seedlings. Otherwise, the survival rate is low and the investment cost is increased. In particular, the shrimps purchased in the market must be carefully examined.

2. Seed feeding: Normally put on 2-3 cm long juvenile shrimp, put in 30-40 pieces per square meter of water. After the seedlings are bought back, they should be bathed with 2-4% salt water for 5-10 minutes, then placed in a shallow water area and allowed to crawl freely. Put lightly when you put the shrimp, it must not be poured directly into the deep water area. Seedlings are usually served on sunny mornings or evenings.

Third, daily management

1. Feeding: According to the water temperature, feed the bait in an amount of 2-5% of the body weight of the shrimp. Crawfish can be eaten raw, bran, soybean meal, fresh fish, and artificial full-priced feed. In the whole process of breeding, it is necessary to match fresh animal food as much as possible so as to prevent the shrimps from becoming wasted due to malnutrition. Can be fed twice a day, 8-9 am, feeding 30% of the daily feeding amount, feeding 70% at 6-7 pm. Along the shallow side of the canal, it is fed in strips or fed every 0.5 meters.

2, adjust the water quality, water level, water temperature: After the release of lobster seedlings, timely and appropriate amount of topdressing fermentation organic manure, water supply grass growth and cultivation of food organisms, every 20 days per acre with 10 kilograms of lime slurry spilled once, the whole pool Evenly spilled. When the water level is not stable, the shrimp deepens the hole and damages the channel. When the water temperature exceeds 30°C, the crayfish may grow into a rigid shrimp, and the precocious shrimps appear to have a smaller individual and affect the market specifications. Therefore, during the breeding season, new water should be constantly replenished to maintain a certain water level and water temperature. The control of water level and water temperature is mainly through the addition of water and drainage.

3, anti-escape: available width of 1 meter, a number of 5-6 mesh polyethylene mesh, along the canal by the trees to the drainage canal, or with ten thick plastic film fence. Through observation, crayfish generally do not dig holes or escape from the shore during the growing season from the middle of March to June. Special attention must be paid to the escape during the breeding season from late June to September.

4. The patrol pond: Take 2-3 times a day and watch the crayfish's activities, feeding, and growth. Pay attention to changes in the water quality and remove enemy and other harmful creatures. Keep the environment quiet, otherwise it will affect shrimp eating and growth. . Check whether the escape prevention facilities are damaged.

5, shrimp disease control: regular use of strong chlorine and other bactericidal drugs sterilization, regular prevention of ciliate disease. Feeds should be fresh, photosynthetic bacteria and immune agents can be added to compound feeds to increase shrimp immunity. Crayfish is a crustacean that is particularly sensitive to some pesticides, such as organophosphorus, enemy kills, and pyrethroids. Once inflow into aquaculture, the mortality rate of shrimp is extremely high. When water is added, it is necessary to identify the water source, just in case. .

Fourth, fishing methods

Freshwater crayfish grow fast, and juveniles that are stocked in March-April can be fished and marketed by the end of May. Generally, the method of catching up and keeping small and keeping small, and failing to keep the listed specifications for keeping in the pond, can improve the economic benefits of breeding. Fishing can be captured with tools such as shrimp cages and cage nets. Usually 40-50 minutes will be poured out of crayfish to prevent excessive density of hypoxia. Do not use drugs to catch, otherwise it will affect the quality of the product.

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