Honey yuzu tea processing

Honey grapefruit tea is a health drink imported from Korea. Grapefruit taste sour, cold, there is a line of gas, digestion, removal of phlegm, hangover poison, analgesic and other functions. Koreans match honey citron with honey to make honey yuzu tea. Because of its rich nutrition, unique flavor and good health care function, it has been sought after by Chinese consumers in recent years. In the supermarket, a 1kg can of Korean honey grapefruit tea can be sold for nearly 50 yuan. The raw materials are readily available, the cost is not high, and the production process is not complicated. Opening a workshop to process yuzu tea is a good project for farmers and small food factories in grapefruit growing areas. Here's how it's made:

1, stock preparation. Choose grapefruit with golden skin and fresh flesh, and honey use lighter varieties to prepare suitable amount of rock sugar.

2, grapefruit processing. Put the grapefruit in warm water and soak for about 5 minutes, which can not only wash the dirt on the grapefruit skin, but also use the water temperature to open the pores of the grapefruit skin. After soaking, the grapefruit is peeled off in three layers: the first layer is grapefruit skin, and the cut yellow skin is cut into filaments of about 3 cm long and 1 mm thick (the finer the better), cut it and put it again later Marinate in salt water for a while; the second layer is the white pod between grapefruit skin and grapefruit pulp, which is the most bitter place for grapefruit, you can choose according to the desired taste; finally peel off the grapefruit meat, stir with a stirrer, and then Put the cut grapefruit skin and fruit puree into a clean and oil-free pot, add clear water and crystal sugar, simmer for 1 hour with medium heat and low heat until it is thick and sticky. After adding cold, add honey and stir to obtain honey yuzu tea.

3, canned cold. After mixing, pack the yuzu tea and seal it. It can be eaten after being stored for 10 days. The longer it is stored, the richer the taste.

Operation tips: The amount of honey and rock sugar added can be increased or decreased as appropriate. For those who like sweets, they can add more sugar and honey. For people who do not like sweets or because of high blood sugar and blood fat, they should not eat too sweet. They can reduce the amount of rock sugar and honey. If you are worried about reducing sugar and honey, you can cause grapefruit. The bitter taste of tea is too heavy, and the time for pickling and brewing can be appropriately extended. Conversely, for consumers who like to eat bitterness, they can put less sugar, honey, more white ash, and shorten the time of pickling and brewing.

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