A few details on the maintenance of the locomotive

When farm machinery is used for agricultural maintenance, farmers tend to focus on only a few important components such as the engine. Some small parts and parts are not valued. Often these small, inconspicuous parts and parts have many undesirable consequences. We must maintain the farm machinery. Be careful.

1. When replacing the sump oil, do not pay attention to cleaning the oil. After the deteriorating engine oil is exhausted, a certain amount of deteriorating engine oil still remains in the internal oil circuit of the engine. If not carefully cleaned, the added new engine oil will deteriorate early. The correct method is to detoxify the deteriorating oil, add the same amount of clean diesel, start the engine after 3-5 minutes, release the cleaning oil, wipe the impurities in the oil pan, replace the lubricant on the specified number and specifications.

2. The valve spring does not change over time. Because of long-term work under higher temperature conditions, it is easy to cause annealing, plastic deformation, so that the elastic force is weakened, which leads to slow valve movement, close lag, or close the valve, resulting in insufficient compression force of the engine cylinder.

3. The oil hole on the cylinder head is not dredge for a long time. It is easy to make the injection hole blocked or unfavorable, resulting in poor lubrication of valves, valve guides, rocker arms, and excessive wear.

4. When installing the injector assembly, the carbon deposit in the injector mounting hole is not removed. As a result of a certain amount of carbon deposition in the mounting hole, the injector chip is uneven and easily leaks. At the same time, the fuel injection distance is increased, which affects the combustion of the mixture gas; after the mounting hole contains more carbon, Poor thermal performance, easy to die stuck nozzle.

5. Irregularly clean the crankshaft centrifugal clean room. As the centrifugal clean room is not cleaned for a long time, mechanical impurities accumulate more and more, so that the circulation of the lubricant oil is not smooth, or the centrifugal purification effect is lost to aggravate the wear of the bearing bush, or the burning of the bearing bush is caused.

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