How to determine the slaughter age of broiler chickens

The weight gain law of meat chickens should be used as the growth advantage of broiler chickens: daily weight gains show an increasing trend before the peak of growth and decreases after the peak of growth. The growth of fast broiler chicken hens is 7 weeks old, the cockerel is 9 weeks old, and the mixed male and female are 8 weeks old. Therefore, the date of slaughter of broiler chickens should not exceed this time.

A higher feed conversion rate should be obtained. Feed intake of broiler chickens will increase with the increase of the age. The feed return rate will continue to decline as the age increases. Especially after the growth reaches a peak, broilers will have a larger body weight. As consumption increases, the feed-return rate will drop rapidly. According to the law of growth of broiler chickens and the rate of change of feedstuffs, broiler chickens have the following rules in terms of income and expenditure: In the early growth period of broiler chickens, the income is less than the expenditure. As the age increases, it gradually becomes greater than the income; after the rearing period, As the age continues to increase to a certain degree, it gradually becomes less than expenditure.

The risk of death from disease should be reduced. The feeding period of broiler chickens will be extended and broilers with larger body weight will be obtained. However, the chance of contracting diseases will increase accordingly, and the economic risks will increase.

The proportion of the price of chicks in the product should be reduced as much as possible. Under normal circumstances, when the price of young chicks is high, the feeding period should be appropriately extended. When the price of young chicks is low, the feeding period should be appropriately shortened.

In general, the length of the breeding period has a close relationship with the economic benefits of production. From the perspective of the development of the broiler industry, the fattening period for broiler chicken production at home and abroad has been shortened, and the slaughter of the market at 6 to 7 weeks is more economical. However, due to the determination of the breeding period should also consider the need for slaughter and processing and the price of chickens and other factors, such as slaughtered and processed chickens, you need to raise the chickens a little longer, the breeding period should be slightly longer; when the chicken prices are high The chickens should be raised a bit longer, and the feeding period should be slightly longer. But overall, the feeding period cannot exceed 8 weeks, otherwise, the economic benefits will be greatly reduced.

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