Why Rose Rose is Unique

The unique characteristics of the rose dew are as follows:
Variety is the head of flowers. Raw materials are an important basis for determining the quality of roses and flowers. The golden treasure rose original dew, is uses the international most expensive international gourmet Bulgarian Damascus Rose No. 1 variety of flower flowers as the raw material of refined products, superior quality. The Damascus Rose is a world-recognized and best-known specialty for rose oil and rose flower processing.
The source of ecological fertilizer ensures the nature of natural intrinsic features. Indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers will produce sour fruits, and the source of fertilizers will be unfair, which will lead to incense and incense. Residues of pesticides will be harmed by humans. Hua Xia Kang Yuan produced the raw material rose flowers of the golden treasure rose exposed in the process of cultivation, mainly to the microbial fertilizer microbial fertilizer combined with organic fertilizers, the use of non-environmental chemicals such as highly toxic pesticides, herbicides is strictly prohibited, plus strict science The management process of cultivation, fertilizer, harvesting, preservation, processing, storage and transportation guarantees the genuine natural characteristics and noble quality of the Rosales Hydrosol from the source, and “returning the hibiscus from the water and natural carvings” will return to nature. Pu Guizhen.
Unique craftsmanship guarantees pure original appearance. The time for picking roses is strictly controlled before the sun shines in the morning at 8am to ensure that the hundreds of precious and useful ingredients in the flowers do not volatilize due to the sun. At the same time, in the process, the temperature is low and continuous heat is used exclusively. The natural Bulgarian rose water produced by the technology maximizes the natural aroma of Bulgarian rose flowers, effectively preventing rose water from being contaminated by hot water or other human factors and damaging its active ingredients, making the Golden Baby Rose Luneng guarantees that all batches of fragrance in the production process are pure and uniform, avoiding all kinds of “bottleneck problems” that occur during the processing and extraction of traditional rosettes, such as unsightly rust, indecent hot soup gas, and pungent coke Pulp and so on. The entire process is truly clean production. Rose flowers do not come into direct contact with the boiler steam and do not add any preservatives or artificial synthetic materials other than rose flowers and water.
International fragrances ensure treasurer billions. The Golden Rose produced with Bulgarian Roses is a pure natural flower water. It is a colorless or slightly milky transparent liquid. It differs from the strong Chinese aroma of fragrance (its rose varieties are non-bulgarian Damascus roses). Sweet international scent, with its rose aroma is light and elegant, long aftertaste.
The authoritative formal inspection will always allow you to sit back and relax. As the original and natural Bulgarian rose flower water, Golden Baby Rose Hydrosol has a certificate issued by the national competent authority for standard test reports. The quality and user can sit back and relax no matter when and where.

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