Harvesting eggplants in midsummer

Fertilization in open trenches. It is customary for vegetable farmers to use chemical fertilizers with water, but this method should not be used in summer hot season. Because of the high temperature, when the fertilizer is flushed, a large amount of ammonia volatilizes will reduce the effect. Especially ammonium bicarbonate is more likely to cause eggplant ammonia poisoning. The use of trenching or digging a hole to bury the best. The thickness of the buried soil after dressing should be not less than 5 cm to reduce the volatilization of the active ingredients of the fertilizer.

Pay attention to usage. Eggplant requires the most amount of nitrogen, but in the hot season, it is necessary to eat less. Urea application per acre should generally be controlled within 30 kilograms. Because of the high temperature season, the rate of transformation of urea into the soil is relatively fast. After the plants meet their needs, the excess will be lost. Especially sandy soil, the proportion of loss will be greater. It is more appropriate for ammonium bicarbonate to use no more than 40 kg per acre. If the application amount is too large, besides causing loss of nutrients, it will also cause ammonia damage to leaves and fruits of eggplant.

Reasonable match. Although eggplants require the greatest amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers are indispensable, and only nitrogen fertilizers can be applied topdressing each time. In the full fruit period, it is best to apply two compound fertilizers at a rate of not less than 40 kilograms per acre.

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