Liquorice and Dingling

Cultivation of licorice mostly in arid areas, in order to ensure a high rate of emergence, the use of seed seeding planting, the seeding rate is high, therefore, after emergence, depending on the situation of seedlings, seedlings, Dingmiao. Generally about 10 days after sowing, seedling emergence, when the seedlings grow 2 to 3 true leaf time seedlings, pull out the close seedlings and weak seedlings, so that the seedling spacing is maintained at about 5 cm, is conducive to seedling growth and development, the formation of robust plants, when Seedlings grow 3 to 5 true leaves or seedlings more than 6 cm high when the Dingmiao, plant spacing of 10 to 15 cm is appropriate, leave 20,000 to 25,000 per mu. Transplanting fields for growing seedlings and planting fields for rhizomes usually do not require the use of seedlings and seedlings.

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