China's medical imaging equipment, high growth, stimulating component shipments

Even in the shadow of the global financial turmoil, China's medical imaging equipment market will continue to grow rapidly. According to the latest research report from IMS Research, the market size of China's medical imaging equipment including X-ray machines, ultrasound diagnostic equipment, nuclear magnetic resonance equipment (MRI) and computed tomography equipment (CT) will reach 16.4 billion yuan in 2012. Among them, the ultrasonic diagnostic equipment reached 4.7 billion yuan, and the X-ray machine reached 6.2 billion yuan. The compound growth rate of the entire Chinese medical imaging equipment market is over 11%.

Analyst Zhou Wanmu pointed out that in small and medium-sized hospitals in the central and western regions, 70% of X-ray machines and ultrasound diagnostic instruments were manufactured before 1990, and these devices have been upgraded. In order to prevent the economic downturn, the Chinese government launched ten measures at the end of last year to stimulate domestic demand, including strengthening the construction of primary health care systems, repairing rural hospitals and replacing outdated equipment in rural clinics. In the newly added investment of 4.8 billion yuan in primary health care system construction, an estimated 1.5 billion yuan is used for the procurement of medical equipment , and the investment in rural medical equipment mentioned in the 2006 rural health service system construction plan is 6.77 billion yuan. In this way, a total of 8.27 billion yuan was directly used for the procurement of rural medical equipment before 2010, including X-ray machines and ultrasound diagnostic instruments. In the new medical reform program, the Chinese government plans to invest 850 billion yuan to achieve full medical coverage of 1.3 billion nationals, including solving the problem of excessive concentration of medical resources and long queues of patients in large hospitals. Therefore, the government will increase the medical examination equipment of general hospitals, so that ordinary hospitals also have advanced medical imaging equipment to alleviate the difficulty of residents' medical treatment. Therefore, advanced medical imaging equipment such as MRI and CT will become more and more popular in ordinary hospitals.

International medical imaging equipment giants GM, Siemens, Philips and Carestream Health have been eager to open up the Chinese medical device market. They have cooperated with local medical equipment companies to develop and produce low-end and mid-range imaging equipment, with simple operation and small size. Medical imaging equipment that is easy to move and not priced at a high price to meet the needs of the rural market. Local medical imaging equipment manufacturers Mindray, Neusoft and Wandong have already had certain strengths in the field of medical imaging equipment. Their participation has further reduced the price of medical imaging equipment. These local companies will also gain some gains in this round of medical equipment procurement.

For semiconductor manufacturers hit hard by the financial turmoil, the high growth of medical imaging equipment will stimulate the demand for semiconductors and components. Devices used in medical electronic imaging equipment include FPGAs, MCUs, ASICs, ADCs, DSPs, sensors, AFEs, precision resistors, and power chips. Medical imaging equipment places more demands on semiconductor manufacturers, such as high speed, high precision, high reliability and low power consumption, and low radiation. The flexible programmable and configurable features of the FPGA make small ultrasound devices more suitable for rural and mountainous environments; multi-channel, high-speed and high-resolution analog-to-digital converters speed up the diagnostic process of medical imaging equipment and shorten patient Exposure to radiation time; efficient power management ICs and MOSFETs meet the power stability requirements of medical imaging equipment.

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