Bee breeding techniques

1: selection of bee species

The breeding bee species must adapt to the local climate and nectar conditions. It is also necessary to consider whether it is a sideline or professional breeding, localization or breeding, and management techniques. The northeastern northeast, eastern Inner Mongolia, northern Xinjiang, and high-cold regions are suitable for breeding black bee species; western honeybees in the southwest and subtropical regions of southern China are more difficult to keep in summer. Subtropical areas and vast mountains are suitable for breeding bees. Other honey-rich plains and shallow mountain areas, raising Italian bees can give full play to its excellent production performance.

It is appropriate to begin breeding bees to purchase 5 to 10 groups. If the number of bees is too small, if there is loss, it will not be easy to breed; if there is insufficient technical experience, it is easy to cause huge losses when feeding the bee colony; with the improvement of technology, the amount of breeding can be gradually expanded. The bee species are best purchased from the province’s breeding bee farm or apiculture research institute.

In the late spring and early summer, bee colonies are in development. There are also honey sources outside the country and they are suitable for buying bee species. Subtropical areas are purchased from November to December. The contents of the purchase include the following aspects: 1 The queen of bees is within 1 year of age, with a large chest and wide abdomen, and the operation is rapid and steady. 2 Worker bees are strong, healthy and disease-free. 3 The spleen area is large, the cover spleen is neat, and the piece is disease-free. 4 nest and spleen, Shaoxiong room, not black. 5 The beehive is firm and tight, and the frame size standard is unified. 6 The original group of bees 8-10 boxes (being more than 70% of bees in each box, the same below), 6-8 boxes of sub-spleen (more than 60% of bees per box, the same below), 10 nests of spleen; 4-5 boxes, sub-spleens 3-4 boxes, 5 nests. In the honey bee 3-5 box, sub-spleen 2 to 3 boxes, nest spleen 5.

2: Breeding

Purebred breeding is not to crossbreed with other breeds. Through selection and breeding within this breed, the economic traits and productivity of the breed are improved, and it can also be used as a material for breeding high-yield bees, hybrids and new varieties. Breeding should be carried out under the conditions of independent development of bee colonies, and there must be a certain number of bee colonies. Generally, no less than 50 to 100 groups of one species must be strictly controlled, such as space isolation or artificial insemination. The selection of the population should be based on the entire population of bees, and should not be based solely on bee kings or worker bees and should be selected annually. Specifically, selection includes three interconnected aspects.

(1) The productivity of bee colonies: This includes the amount of honey produced, the amount of wax produced, and the amount of royal jelly produced.

(2) Biological characteristics: oviposition performance (spawning volume, size of the oviposition ring, and uniformity); the prolific ability of the bees (the difference between the weight of the whole colony and the weight of the spleen after shaking the bees per unit of time); worker bees Collection force; bee habits; resistance to disease; resistance and so on.

(3) Morphological identification: Each type of bee has certain characteristics such as body type, body color, coat color, elbow pulse index, and villus width, and the purity of the bee species can be distinguished through the identification of these characteristics. Morphologically shows its genetic stability and can often reflect the stability of the entire genetic inheritance. Each quantitative feature has a range of changes. To take a certain number of samples, each bee colony typically takes 30 to 100 workers for identification.

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