How to make a pig feeding trough

The pig's manger is roughly divided into three types: fixed, mobile, and automatic. Nowadays pigs use fixed feeders. Fixed feeders are made of brick-scraped concrete or wire cement. Some mangers are fixed in the ring, and some have a funnel-shaped feed inlet (see Figure 1) outside the ring for feeding; some are mostly in the circle, half are outside the circle, and feed is added from outside. Pigs eat inside (see Figure 2). In general, a type of feed trough is suitable for small-scale pig farming in rural areas. The trough is under the pen, the bottom of the trough is 45 centimeters wide, the trough is 20 centimeters high, and the trough is 30 centimeters high. Mangers cannot be made at right angles because the feed in the right-angle feeders is inconvenient. The feed at each corner cannot be eaten by pigs, causing feed wastage. A drainage hole is provided at the bottom of the bottom of the feeding trough. When feeding, it is plugged with a cork. When flushing, the cork is pulled out and the stagnant water can flow out on its own.

Traditional convenience foods need to be soaked in boiling water for consumption. Some special people, such as wilderness adventures, tourism, troops, and police officers, cannot be eaten without boiling water. Self-heating Rice does not need boiling water when cooking, no need for thermal power, tear open the outer packaging, pour the pure water bag inside it into the heating bag, the water and the heating bag will automatically mix and heat up, steam the rice and the dishes, 8-15 minutes Edible.
Decommissioning the ingredients of the Self-Heating Rice heating package: Inventing a multi-purpose self-heating bag, mainly using roasting diatomaceous earth, iron powder, aluminum powder, coke powder, activated carbon, salt to form a bag, which can be heated to 60 °C It can be used for heating in winter, medical hot compress, adding quicklime, sodium carbonate and water. The temperature can be raised to 120 °C to heat meals or steamed food. The temperature is kept for 20 minutes to 100 ° C for 60 minutes and 60 ° C after 60 minutes. The material used in the winter heating and hot compressing can be repeatedly used, and after being used, it can be mixed with quicklime and sodium carbonate, and then heated to heat the food.

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