Non-synchronous fermentation theory

Non-synchronous fermentation theory

Non-synchronous fermentation theory refers to whether different regions, different parts, and different time have different degrees of fermentation. Because the fermentation is affected by different conditions such as temperature, humidity, oxygen, and nutrients, the rate of growth and reproduction of functional microbes in the fermentation bed is not the same, that is to say, “the first fermentation with good conditions and the latter fermentation with poor conditions” is similar to that of the fermentation bed of Gembe. "The niece marries first" phenomenon. This theory is both good and bad and has two sides. The main advantage is that it is beneficial to save strains, litter and nutrient solution. This means that when the pigs excrete excrement, the functional microorganisms in the fermentation bed will begin under the conditions of nutrients provided by the excreta and proper temperature and humidity. Work, without conditions, stays in a “resting state”, strains and litter consumption slow down, so as to maintain a longer period of time, such as Jinbao dry-type fermentation bed in the daily maintenance of good conditions without cleaning manure for many years, bacteria The species is maintained for more than 3 years. Of course, the quality requirements of the strains are relatively high, and they have very good characteristics. For example, the golden dolphin eco-fermentation bed strains have good dormant functions, good antibiotic resistance and temperature resistance, and good acid and alkaline strains.

However, the inadequacies are not easy to recognize. Some people mistakenly believe that there is no fermentation, and the quality of strains is not good. If only the non-synchronized fermentation theory is correctly understood, such as when making and maintaining the ecological fermentation bed of the treasure, do not add water. Need to add nutrient solution, do not need to start at the same time, with the nutrient medium, the fermentation bed can naturally start work, reduce dead bed bad bed.

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