Snake habits

The snake is a reptile. It has a long, cylindrical body with no limbs. It is full of scales and has many ribs. Snakes do not have feet, but they will walk. It crawls with the help of body curvature and the help of scales under the belly. The snake's ribs are movable at the end, and the ventral scales are flat and broad, like rows of roof tiles. When the snake crawls, the ribs are pointed against the ventral scales, nailing to the ground to support the body. The first section was nailed, and the latter moved forward; after the last section was nailed, the front section moved forward. The ribs of the whole body and the scales below move alternately and the snake snakes. However, snakes do not easily crawl on smooth ground.
The snake's tongue is bifurcated and has a high degree of flexibility. Snakes often stick out their long tongues to explore the surroundings.
The mouth of a snake can be very large, and can swallow rats, frogs, birds, etc. that are larger than its head. This is because there is a special bone in the mouth of the snake - the square bone. The square bone and the joint bone of the lower jaw form an active joint. Usually, the square bone lies flat. When the mouth is open, it tightens and supports the mouth. In addition, the absence of membranous bony bone around the square bone makes it more mobile and can make the mouth wide. In addition, the snake's body and throat muscles are relatively elastic, and the ribs are open so that snakes can swallow foods that are larger than themselves.
Snakes also have the habit of molting. Snake skin, rubbing with a mouth to rub on a hard object, first wipe the skin of the mouth, and then slowly crawl the entire body out from the crack. Snake skin is to lift its own growth and development. After the snake's skin elders have hardened, it is necessary to hinder its growth and development. The snakeskins will go to the old skin and put on new skin. When the new skin is tender, the body will grow. However, the new skin will also grow old, so the snake will have to rub it three times a year to meet the needs of the body's growth and development.

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