The hatching technique of the money turtle

The money turtle is also known as red-bellied turtle, broken-plate turtle, and three-lined-closed shell turtle. It is a national grade two protected animal. It is a national grade two animal protection animal. The current market price (about 10 to 20 grams) is as high as 4,000 yuan. Very promising fish breeding object. However, money turtles are more complex in hatching turtles and must master scientific methods.

First, breeding habits

Money turtles usually mate during estrus from April to October each year and spawn from May to September. Spawning takes place from early evening to early morning, sometimes during the day. Fertilized eggs hatch in the appropriate environment for 60 to 90 days.

Second, the selection and cultivation of turtles

1. More than 5 kg of female turtles and more than 1 kg of male turtles can be used as turtles. The turtle body type must be uniform, good body, strong, no residual limbs, shell light. After the turtle is disinfected, it can be fed nutrient-rich concentrate and appropriate additives.

Third, the turtle eggs collection and processing

Bamboo sticks are used as markers, and eggs can be picked in the turtle's spawning place 2 to 3 days later. Before harvesting eggs, hands and incubators must be strictly disinfected.

Eggs with milky white spots on the egg shells are fertilized eggs. The fertilized eggs are lined up on a 10 cm thick layer of wet and dry sand. Eggs and eggs are separated by more than 2 cm, and lines and lines are separated by more than 3 cm. When burying eggs, remember that the milky spots are pointing upwards. Then insert a label, indicate the date of spawning and other data, add 10 cm thick wet and dry sand to the fertilized egg. The incubator can be made of foam boxes, wooden barrels, etc. There must be several drainage holes in the bottom of the tank.

IV. Incubation Management

The focus is on maintaining a constant temperature, a suitable temperature and ensuring that the fertilized egg is not damaged by bacteria and predators. The suitable temperature for the hatching of money turtle eggs is about 32°C. When hatching, the dry and wet sand buried under fertilization must maintain a constant temperature.

All aspects of hatching must be strictly disinfected. During the incubation period, infected eggs are found. Immediately, the atonement sand should be removed together with the eggs.

Fifth, hatching hatchery management

After the embryo has matured, the hatchlings use the head and foreparts to break the egg shell and climb from the shell to the sand surface. Freshly hatched hatchlings should be placed in a rest box made of casks, etc.; After about two days of rest, the hatchlings should be carefully treated with light red potassium permanganate solution after the umbilical plate of the hatchlings is yellowed and closed. Disinfect for 30 minutes, and then lure for 2 to 3 days and then transfer to hatchling pool for test.

Juvenile tortoise feed is mainly broken egg yolk, pig liver mud, fish pulp, etc., pay attention to change the water in time, keep clean water quality.

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