High-yield Cultivation Techniques of Mimoto Squash

(Rural News) Yuan Shangyong, vegetable office of Hubei Province It is understood that there is a good market for pumpkins on the market. I wonder if planting can be done in Hubei. Should planting techniques be mastered?
Answer: Honey Bee pumpkin is rich in nutrients, with excellent quality, single fruit weight 3-4 kilograms, and 2000 kilograms per mu. It belongs to early-middle-maturing species and can be harvested 85-90 days after planting. It has strong resistance to stress and is resistant to storage and transportation. It is a good variety for farmers to increase income and improve agriculture efficiency in recent years.
The high-yield pumpkin cultivation techniques of Mimoto are as follows:
First, the cultivation points: honey pumpkin suitable for cultivation temperature of 20-29 °C, sensitive to sunlight, sunshine more than 13 hours in the area is not easy to melon, latitude 30 degrees above the latitude area needs a small area to test the success of a large area before planting, In other areas, please combine timely cultivation of the region's climate in order to obtain a good harvest. Cultivation should be careful not to use too much nitrogen fertilizer, more phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, to prevent leggy, run into low temperatures and rainy days can artificially assist pollination, in order to facilitate fruit setting.
Second, cultivation techniques:
1. Preparation of nutritious soil: In November-December of the first year, sand and loam soil will be mixed in a ratio of 10:3 plus appropriate amount of pig manure water, and then sealed in a plastic sealed heap for 1-2 months.
2, the choice of seedbed: Choose sheltered, sunny, flat land, the general width of 1.2 meters, the length of the box depending on the seeding rate, seedlings into tea pot bottom type.
3, sowing: first nutrient cup (99) or (108) loaded 2/13 of the nutrient soil, each nutrition cup sowing 2 melon seeds, cover 1/3 nutrition soil, placed on a seedbed, with a sprayer drenched water, let The nutrient soil is fully moistened, and the beneficial seeds are swollen and sprouted. Then cover the film with a bamboo scaffold, observed once every 1-2 days and found that the nutrition cup watered white and timely watering, a real leaf ventilation when the hardening of seedlings, if the cold wave weather attention to insulation.
4. Cultivation and management: (1) Time: 30 days of seedling age, and when the melon seedlings are planted with 2 leaves, they should be planted in fine weather and pour root water. (2) Base fertilizer: Before transplanting, compost organic fertilizer (chicken manure or pig manure) 0.5-1 kg/litter, N, P, K compound fertilizer 1-2 two/litter, depending on soil fertility. After the base fertilizer is applied, cover soil and then plant the seedlings (melon seedlings can not be directly contacted with the base fertilizer). (3), top-dressing: planting a dredging water for about 10 days after planting, and then depending on the situation of melon seedling growth may be determined, weak growth with urea, 1 two / litter water against the 10 kg of fecal water. (4) Cultivation density: Full use of land, with an average of 150-200 litters per mu and 2 plants/litters. (5) Timely tillage and weeding. (6), pruning, leaving melon. The main vines of the 17th to 19th centuries began to form a melon, and the melons were even, leaving 3-4 melons. The first branch of vines began to form a nectar in 6-8 knots. The second branch spreads 7-9 knots and begins to form a melon. The melons are evenly distributed, leaving 2 melons and topping. The third branch of the vine spreads on the 8th and 9th sections and begins to form melons. The melons are small, leaving 1 melon and topping. Topping: Leave melons 5-6, melons 500g, and remove melons in time. (7) Pest control. The disease does not occur during the entire production period, and the disease resistance is strong. There is a small amount of yellow worms during the seedling stage, and attention should be paid to the control of powdery mildew. In the early morning when there are dewdrops, they are treated with plant ash. (8) Harvesting and marketing: 90 days after transplanting, the melons turn yellow and matured on ash, pick melons with fruit cuts, lightly pick and put them gently, and can be stored for more than 2 months, depending on market conditions, to get better returns. .

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