Cotton seedling disease prevention and treatment

First, disease control methods should strengthen field management. After emergence, the cotton should be intensively cultivated and intensively cultivated in order to increase soil temperature, reduce soil moisture, and ventilate the soil to facilitate root development. For the emergence of diseased seedlings, dead seedlings should be promptly cleared out of the field, centralized treatment to reduce the number of field bacteria and infection opportunities. Strengthen fertilizer and water management. The top-dressing fertilizer should be reasonable, grasp the principle of “diet small meals” and the first seedling fertilizer should be applied 3 to 5 days before and after the seedlings. In the application of inorganic nitrogen, the use of potash and other potash fertilizer should be used in order to facilitate the robustness of cotton seedlings. After 10 days of seedling spraying, 20% of rice feet and 600 to 800 times of liquid are showered 1 times, which can well control the root disease. Bordeaux mixture is sprayed at a ratio of 1:1:200, which can prevent and cure various leaf diseases. Prevention and cure of leaf diseases can also be sprayed with 50% carbendazim or thiophanate 800-1000 times liquid leaves.
Second, pest control methods to prevent ground tigers and other underground pests, preferably with grass mix, feed to kill, that is, 2.5% trichlorfon powder 0.5 kg, mix fresh grass 50 kg, with 15 to 20 kg per acre, in the evening sprinkle Next to the cotton seedlings, sprinkle a small heap at a certain distance. In the morning of the second day, take the insects beside the cotton seedlings. Use 50% of the monocrotophos EC and 50% of the anti-inflamy WP to 50 to 70 grams per mu. , 1000 ~ 1200 times sprayed to the cotton leaves and stems; prevention and treatment of cotton aphid horses can use 3.5% of the enemy's powder 2 kg per seedling spray; control of cotton leafhopper can be used 20% chloric sterols 800 ~ 1000 times spray. Attention must be sprayed on the back of the leaf, control effect is good.

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