Take comprehensive measures to increase annual twin birth rate

The civet has two major biological characteristics and should be given enough attention in the breeding process. The first is the false hibernation characteristics of civet cats; the second is the secretive estrus of the fruit raccoon 1–3 days after childbirth, that is, there is no obvious behavior during the estrus.
Due to lack of winter food and cold weather, it poses a serious threat to its survival. In order to adapt to the harsh environment, civet cats increase their food intake before the winter arrives, and accumulate fat in the body, so as to consume body fat Vivitus when winter food is lacking. Therefore, in the winter when the weather is not good, hidden in the hole does not move, is in a lethargic state, to warmer weather, go out for food. After the constitution is restored, the gonad develops rapidly (the gonad grows slowly during false hibernation), so the female estrus progresses from the end of February to the middle of June each year due to the difference in constitution. Production practice has proved that if the species is warmed up, that is, the temperature of the darkroom is maintained above 15°C, and there is food guarantee, the civet cat does not have a false hibernation. Therefore, the artificial breeding of civet cats should be considered during the winter to raise the temperature, feed protein content of 8% to 20%, each voted 75-100g feed every night, during the day to feed carrots or fruits, keep the civet do not sleep Status; and body condition in a medium state, so that the gonads develop rapidly in winter, estrus can be advanced to mid-February to the end of March, when the mating female can be born in mid-April to late May, after littering Seizing the implicit estrous period for blood matching can increase the twinning rate of the breeding bursa.
At the end of January and early February, although the gonads of civet cats entered a developmental state, they are in a germinating stage and their physiological conditions have not reached the operating state of the reproductive hormone axis of the hypothalamus-adenohypophysis-gonads. Blood circulation, qi, replenishing kidney Yang's Chinese herbal medicine is a good catalyst for starting the hormone axis. At this time can add some Chinese medicine to promote gonad development, induction of early estrus.
Currently, there are commercially available "promoting a dose of spirit", "aphrodisiac casual" and so on. The former according to the daily weight of 2 ~ 3g per kilogram of body weight, even feeding 7-10 days, can promote heat; the latter per day per kg body weight 0.5-1.0g, fed feed feed, but also promote estrus. If you can not buy these two aphrodisiacs, you can prepare their own, that is, Angelica 15%, Codonopsis 10%, Cistanche 10%, Epimedium 15%, Yang Qishi 15%, Morinda Tian 10%, 枸杞 10%, Atractylodes 10%, licorice 5%, dried at 80 °C, crushed and sieved, each feeding 10-15g / day, once every 7-10 days.

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