Peng Zesheng Broodstock Breeding and Reproduction Technology

As one of the 36 fine varieties that the Ministry of Agriculture has promoted to the whole country, the Peng Zeyi has paid more and more attention to the farmers because of its excellent economic traits. The aquaculture area has been expanding year by year and the output has been increasing year by year. To this end, Peng Zeyi’s reproductive technology was specifically introduced as follows:
First, the choice of broodstock and bred Pengze broodstock requires more than 200 grams of female fish, more than 150 grams of male fish, no trauma, no disease, and a healthy body. You can use the seed pool or the adult fish grown in the fish pond as the broodstock. When selecting the adult fish to be raised, it is better to choose the broodstock produced by you to avoid germplasm degradation.
The broodstock wintering pool requires a leeward sun, with a certain thickness of silt at the bottom of the pool, and the pool water maintains a certain degree of fatness. When the weather is fine during winter, concentrate feed should be fed at 1% to 2% of the total fish weight. Conditionally, the male and female broodstock will be bred in separate ponds at the end of February and early March, and the amount of feeding will be appropriately increased. The ponds will be inspected every morning and midnight from mid-March onwards, paying attention to changes in water temperature and weather.
Second, the spawning pond and the preparation of fish nest Pengze turtle breeding season from mid-March to mid-July, the water temperature requirements of 17 ~ 32 °C, before spawning should be ready spawning pool and various ancillary facilities. The area of ​​the spawning pond is 400-667 square meters, and it is disinfected with fresh lime ponds. It kills the wild fish and other harmful organisms, removes weeds from the pool, and injects 70 cm deep water for use. Wintering ponds can also be used as spawning ponds. Before wintering, pro-fish clear ponds can be used. In the coming year, the weather can be heated to 70 cm. Peng Zexi produces viscous eggs, mostly using willow roots and palm slats to make fish nests. Fish nests are soaked with 66.7 mg/l malachite green for 10 to 15 minutes before use.
Third, the natural reproduction and artificial reproduction of natural reproduction is relatively simple, just put the selected broodstock into a clean spawning pool, and then place a good nest. This method is simple and easy, but the spawning rate is not high, spawning time is long, it is difficult to get a large number of eggs at the same period.
Artificial breeding is usually done at the base of the pectoral fins of broodstock without scales. Injections are given at 1 to 3 o'clock in the afternoon, which allows the broodstock to spawn early in the morning. Pengze squid has no obvious selectivity for oxytocin. Fish oxytocin and carp pituitary have significant effects. The injection dose was 800-1200 international units per kilogram of female chorionic hormone (H16), 2 to 3 pituitary glands, 20 to 30 micrograms of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone analogue (LRH-A), and the male dose was halved. When preparing the drug, 0.5 to 1.0 ml of each female should be injected.
Fourth, spawning and hatching Peng razor estrus chase is often below the surface of the water, water waves and hit the sound of water is small, so spawning time to observe, pay attention to timely spawning fish nests to avoid uneven fish eggs, affecting the hatching rate . Because the broodstock has the habit of eating eggs, the fish nests filled with fertilized eggs should be promptly hatched into the hatchery.
The hatchery is usually used as a nursery, requiring an area of ​​667 to 1,334 square meters. One week before entering the pool, the fertilized eggs should be treated with quicklime to disinfect the clear pond, topdressing the base fertilizer, and adding new water to 60 cm. When the water is injected, it is required to use a dense mesh filter to prevent harmful organisms such as wild fish and sword leeches from entering the pond. In general, the Pengze bran fertilized eggs are shed from 200,000 to 300,000 grains per 667 square meters. Water temperatures of 18 to 20°C can be hatched and germinated in about 50 to 55 hours. The fish nest can be removed 4 to 5 days after emergence.
Since the water temperature during hatching is low and the eggs are prone to water mould, it should be soaked with 6.7 mg/L malachite green for about 10 minutes every other day, and the fish nests should be checked frequently to prevent the mud from attaching to the eggs and causing death. egg.

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