Pre-slaughter fattening management technology

Winter is the season of slaughtered sheep. If the fattening sheep is effectively fattened before slaughter, it will have a multiplier effect. Both the slaughter rate and the quality of lamb will be greatly improved. The main points of fattening sheep before slaughtered sheep are introduced as follows:
More than 80% of the parasites are parasites in the body. If the insects are not dewormed prior to fattening, most of the nutrients in the feed are absorbed by parasites and the fattening effect is poor. Therefore, the culling of sheep must be dewormed before slaughter. The following drugs are commonly used for preventive deworming:
Trichlorfon: 0.1 g per kg of sheep body weight, dubbed 1 to 3% solution of gavage.
Insecticide net (tetraimidazole): 0.02 g per kilogram body weight, formulated into a 5% solution.
Sheep grazing all year round in low-humidity and humid conditions can use tetranitrochlorophenol, with an amount of 6-8 mg/kg of sheep weight taken orally.
Note that the above drugs must be administered on an empty stomach in the morning. The feces excreted by the sheep after administration should be promptly removed and biologically fermented.
During the period of feeding and culling of sheep to be fattened, exercise should be minimized to reduce physical energy consumption. Therefore, fattening sheep must be fed. Feeding compound feeds is best when feeding. In general, the amount of feed per sheep per day is: 1.5 to 1.8 kg of hay or 2.5 to 3.0 kg of processed straw powder; 0.1 kg of corn flour; 0.1 kg of alfalfa; 0.1 kg of legumes; If corn is not enough, cornmeal can be increased to 0.15 kg. The above feed should be adjusted according to the actual weight gain. Single-cell feeding is advocated. Feeding time should be fixed every day and fed twice a day, at 6am and 5pm respectively. Drink warm water once after each feeding. The water temperature is about 30°C.
Management of feed management chopped stalks should be put in sheds, and corn, beans, and bran should be stored in storage.
The management of the sheep house will be converted into a warm shed and a warm room. If the original house is larger, a wall about 1 meter high can be built at a distance of 2 to 3 meters from the shed house, leaving the door in the middle of the wall. Put a wooden pole between the wall and the sheds, nail a plastic cloth, and fix it with thick mud. Ventilation holes must be left. To remove the excrement in time, change the bedding to prevent it from getting wet. Too much dampness in the house can cause sheep respiratory infections and arthritis and rickets to affect fattening.

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