Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Apple Tree Rot Disease

Apple tree rot disease is a kind of fruit tree disease with a wide range of occurrence, heavy damage and great loss. Fruit trees that grow into the fruit period and fruit trees with weak slopes on the hillside are the most vulnerable to disease. In light cases, large branchlets died of disease, resulting in a sharp decrease in their ability, fruit quality, and shortening of fruiting years. In severe cases, the trunk of the main branch dies and even the entire garden is destroyed. Therefore, comprehensive measures must be taken. The following aspects should be mastered:

First, reasonable pruning, thinning and thinning fruit. Scientific pruning technology is used to form a reasonable plant type and promote the robust growth of fruit trees. At the same time, sparse fruit and fruit thinning techniques are adopted to avoid the formation of years and increase the resistance of the tree.

Second, to strengthen the control of other pests and diseases of fruit trees, such as apple aphid, winged moths, Tianni, etc.; to reduce nutrient consumption of fruit trees, blocking the intrusion portal of rot disease.

Third, scrape treatment lesions, smear agent. In the middle or late June or late October, the old skin on the stem or main branch of the fruit tree is scraped (until the green and white skin layer is exposed), the ulcer tissue in the shallow part of the skin is scraped off, and the skin is smeared 50 times on the scraping surface. Arsenic disinfection.

Fourth, dormancy eradication prevention. It is to spray 4-5 degrees lime sulfur agent on fruit trees before germination to prevent most diseases of fruit trees; or to use 100 times 40% Fumei arsenic spray, with emphasis on spraying large branches, main branches and stems with thicker than eggs, spraying pesticides. Must be completed before the flowering of the fruit trees to prevent fruit trees spit green after the occurrence of phytotoxicity, and increase the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers to ensure the robust growth of fruit trees.

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