Taoxi special early pomelo cultivation points

Taoxi Tezaomei Pomelo, Xingan County, Jiangxi Province, is the seedling of the elite plant found in the process of seed selection during the seed selection in the county. The variety matured in mid-September, with special early-maturing, sweet and brittle, less nucleus, strong adaptability and resistance to freezing and other characteristics. The county has set up research and development projects, this year, 500 acres of cultivated area.
Characteristics Taoxi Temei honey pomelo crown head shape, tree height 3.5 meters - 4.5 meters, branches thick growth, more upright, well-developed roots, root depth of up to 3 meters, the root show about 5 meters, The soil layer is densely distributed within 20 centimeters to 80 centimeters. The leaves are single-leaved, long-elliptic, pointed at the front, and moderately winged. Complex racemes, average inflorescences flowering 5, white, calyx 4-lobed--5-lobed. The fruit has a short gourd shape. The color of mature fruits is light green in the early stage, greenish yellow in the middle stage, and golden yellow in the latter stage. The average fruit weight is 1200 grams and the maximum is 2000 grams. The fruit surface is smooth and the oil cells are fine and convex. The skin is about 1.5 centimeters thick, and the capsular kidney shape is 10 to -13 flaps. Juice cell white, short lanceolate, juice, texture, delicate, more brittle, sweet flavor, aftertaste is not bitter, pure taste, excellent quality. The average fruit per fruit is 40 grains - 50 grains, edible rate 54.5%, soluble solids content 12.7%, total sugar content 10.52%, acid content 0.407%, vitamin C 62.2 mg /100 g, the fruit is less resistant to storage, and the quality is reduced after being stored at room temperature for 45 days.
Cultivation points are properly planted. Taoxi special early pomelo branches grow more upright, should be appropriate dense planting, generally flat land spacing 4 meters x 5 meters, mountain 3.5 meters x 4.5 meters; reasonable pruning. Saplings are trimmed to control the length of the top and extend the crown. The summer shear uses support, pulls the branch, enlarges the branch angle, adjusts the growth direction; The spring shear should focus on sparsely cutting the erect standing long branch on the top and the backbone branch. Pruning of adult trees is often done with shrunken shears to rejuvenate weakened shoots, control the top of the tree, improve the lighting condition of the canopy, and increase the amount of results. Fertilization, irrigation. Each year, it focuses on applying strong fruit fertilizers and fruit-picking fertilizers. Strong fruit fertilizers are applied from the end of June to the beginning of July, accounting for about 40% of the annual fertilization amount. Nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium-based fertilizers are the main combined organic fertilizers. The harvested fruit fertilizer must be applied in the middle or late October of the year after harvest, mainly organic fertilizer, accounting for 50% - 60% of the annual fertilization amount. The spring fertilizer is applied to see the tree vigor, and the weak fertilizer is not strong. When the fruit grows and matures, it needs to be watered promptly in case of drought. Thinning and thinning fruit. Taoxi Tezao pomelo has a high fruiting rate. To improve fruit quality, enhance its commercial quality, and maintain a reasonable leaf-fruit ratio, fruit thinning must be timely. Pest Control. The main diseases and insect pests are ulcer disease, resin disease, red spider, mite, leaf leaf moth and long-horned cattle. The prevention and control methods should be based on production measures such as increasing tree vigor, increasing resistance, and improving the ventilation of trees, and spraying and controlling when appropriate.

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