Jinbao Algae Fertilizer (What benefits can Algae Fertilizer bring to you?)

Jinbao Algae Fertilizer (What benefits can Algae Fertilizer bring to you?)
The application of seaweed fertilizer has played a very good role, and is widely used in food, vegetables, fruit trees, forage grass, medicinal herbs, seedlings, flowers and other crops. What role did it bring to us in the end? Take Jinbao as an example:
First of all, to help you save the province's feral gold baby algae bacteria mainly through its functional microbial nitrogen fixation and phosphate solution, activate the soil, make the crop root system around the formation of a particularly favorable micro-ecological environment, adjust the soil pH, so that acidic or alkaline soil tends to Neutral, promotes the development of plant roots, enhances the ability of crops to resist salinity and drought and resist drought, thereby greatly increasing fertilizer utilization and reducing fertilizer use by 30% to 5%;
Secondly, to help you save the drug Jinbao seaweed fertilizer to promote the absorption of nitrogen and phosphorus, potassium, iron, manganese and other nutrients; can enhance the crop against the common high incidence of disease such as withered, yellow wilt, litter, tripe and so on Resistance, resistance to disease, resistance to stress, reduction of pesticide use,
Finally, to improve the quality of the precious stone seaweed algae fertilizer so that the crop's biological properties and commercial performance greatly improved, for example, can make tomato vitamin C content increase watermelon sugar content increased by 10-15%, taste flavor quality greatly improved, can shorten the growth period , mention the morning market, extend the shelf life and shelf life and so on.
Therefore, it is suggested that the use of seaweed fertilizer combined with fertilization can have a good effect. Details can visit the website or consult.

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