Golden Baby Feed Fermentation (fermented feed to feed you good pigs)

Golden Baby Feed Fermentation (fermented feed to feed you good pigs)
Slaughter pig fattening is the key, it directly involves the economic benefits of farmers. How can we improve the fattening effect of slaughter pigs under the same feeding conditions? After improving the palatability of the pig feed after the fermentation process such as the gold baby feed, the pig loves to eat, plus the functional microorganisms in the gold baby feed starter, after entering the intestine, the pig's immunity and disease resistance are obviously enhanced, and at the same time Increase the digestion and absorption of feed by pigs, as long as the wheat bran, sweet potato vine, peanut leaf, rice straw, corn cob, corn, chicken manure and other difficult to feed directly to the pig's coarse material crushed, add appropriate amount of gold baby starter fermentation treatment . After glycolysis has been used as a biological, grain-fed, aromatic, sweet and sour, long-term non-degradable biological grain feed, adopting a scientific feeding method not only enhances the pig's adaptability to the biological feed, but also has a significant and simple grain-saving effect.
Use coarse material fermentation feeds to properly match conventional concentrates. Pigs should be fed with thick raw food and less frequently fed, depending on the ambient temperature. Summer can be thick enough to meet the body's water needs, feeding 5 meals a day, winter to prevent dilute food irrigation, increase the number of pigs urinating, loss of pig calories; but also according to the conditions of feeding in time to adjust the coarse feed fermentation The amount of feed is based on the natural feeding of pigs to prevent the food in the trough from affecting the pig's appetite.
The crude fermented feed was immersed in cold water for several hours. When the fine-grained crushed material was filtered through a fine steel mesh to feed the suckling piglets, a small amount of fried soybean flour could be added to the feed. The aroma of the bean flour promoted the appetite of the piglets. The sieved coarse material was fed with shelf-feeding pigs. Add sugar-containing substances such as cooked mink skin, carrots, citrus peels, sugar scraps, etc. to the feed of weaned piglets so that the pigs not only like to eat, but also increase the average daily gain of the piglets. Details can visit the website or consult.

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Lycium Chinese

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