What is the principle of improving the quality of fruit and sugar by improving the sweetening spirit?

Jinbao Biosweetening Spirit is the application of the latest international microbiological engineering technology of enzyme microorganisms, aiming at the fruit and vegetable products with high appearance and intrinsic quality requirements. It quickly supplements the various nutrients required in the plant through the foliage, and overcomes low temperature, low light, etc. Unfavorable conditions to prevent falling flowers and fruits, promote fruit enlargement, prevent cracking, and significantly improve the appearance and intrinsic quality of the fruit. Such as Gem Bio-Sweetening Spirit is cost-effective, effective, and does not contain hormones. For the fruit and vegetable products with high appearance and inherent quality requirements, we specially research and develop formulated new microbial preparations. By using this product, we can significantly overcome various drawbacks brought about by the previous use of hormones and growth regulators, so that the melons can quickly return to original flavor and be more sweet and delicious. . For the sake of safety and security, it is recommended that individual cautious distribution agents or users of greenhouse bases can first order a few mail-orders, try it out, observe and compare, be realistic, have a good idea, have a small risk, and require more information than simply to wait and see. Ten times a hundred times, because it saved a year's time, the economic benefit brought by one year may be tens of thousands of yuan. Creating wealth lies in vision and speed!
Jinbao Bio-sweetening Spirit is a fruit and vegetable, economic crop, greenhouse crop or high-demand field crop with high appearance and intrinsic quality requirements. It uses the combined high-tech results of microbiological engineering in the United States, Japan, and Korea, and combines its own knowledge. Property rights, through a series of complex processes such as special screening, purification, and rejuvenation, form a “beneficial microbial flora” that is rich in dozens of beneficial microorganisms. These beneficial microbial flora produce various types of enzymes (such as amylases) during metabolic processes. , proteases, lipases, lactic acid enzymes, vitamins, nucleic acids, trace elements, and numerous other active substances. When these metabolites are sprayed on the leaves, they can rapidly supplement various nutrients that are needed in the plant and cause other plants to stop or greatly weaken the photosynthesis due to "low temperature", "low light" and other unfavorable factors. "Photosynthesis is an important means by which crops convert light energy into nutrients such as "glucose," etc.), and crops that have been given a Ginbachine sweetening spirit can perform as usual or even overtime, resulting in a total photosynthesis time or total intensity ratio. If the same condition without using this product is several times higher, the accumulation of sugars, vitamins, and other nutrients will be greatly increased. Therefore, the crop that has undergone Gem Biofortification Sweetening can significantly prevent flowering and fruit drop, promote fruit enlargement, and prevent fruit cracking. It greatly improves the appearance and sweetness, texture, and flavor of the fruit. This is the technical principle of the Ginbaby Biosweetening Spirit.

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