Goldfish breeding and feeding methods

Goldfish is also known as Baiyunshan Fish, Tang Fish, Redtail Fish, and Caijinfish. It belongs to Guangdong Province of China.
The goldfish is about 3 to 4 cm long and has a spindle-shaped, slender, slightly flat side, small head, large eyes, and blunt round kisses. The fish's back is tea-brown, slightly blue, abdomen silver-white, with bright red dorsal fins and caudal fins, yellow tip of pelvic fins, and red tail. From the snout to the back, along the sideline, there is a strip of gold and yellow stripes until the end of the caudal peduncle, in addition to a golden spot, so it is named goldfish.
Goldfish is petite and colorful, especially in the juvenile period, and it is particularly beautiful. In foreign countries, it has the reputation of “race lotus lamp”.
The feeding of goldfish requires that the goldfish have a mild temperament, a mixed diet, and easy feeding. It is suitable for the first raiser. It has no harsh requirements for feed water, generally mild acid or neutral soft water is preferred, suitable temperature 20 ~ 25 degrees Celsius, but it can withstand low temperatures, can survive in 5 degrees Celsius water.
Although the goldfish fish diet, but prefer eating animal feed. A variety of plants should be kept in the rearing tank to maintain proper light. Goldfish is suitable for polyculture with other tropical fish.
The identification and reproduction of goldfish by male and female goldfish can be distinguished from the following characteristics: Male fish are smaller than female fish, but dorsal fins and anal fins are larger than female fish, and their body color is deeper and brighter than female fish. Females are more hypertrophic than males, and the abdomen is slightly white.
With pH 6.5 ~ 7.5, hardness 6 ~ 8, the water temperature of 24 degrees Celsius is appropriate, the bottom of the cylinder is paved with gravel or pebbles, a variety of waterweeds such as Foxtail algae, gold grass. Goldfish prefers to lay eggs under sunlight, so breeding tanks should be placed where sunlight can shine.
When breeding, you can choose to pair the fish into the tank, or you can use the group breeding. Each goldfish female can produce 150-300 eggs at a time. After spawning and fertilization, fishes should be fished out again to avoid swallowing fish eggs.
After 1 to 2 days, the fertilized eggs hatched larvae, and after about 3 days, the larvae began to swim. Start with "drip water" and it takes about 10 days to feed other small fish.

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