Greenhouse nectarine coloration color management technology

The application of potassium fertilizer nectarine fruit into the coloring period, the demand for potassium fertilizer is higher, timely application of potassium fertilizer, can significantly increase the yield and increase the sweetness of the fruit. In addition to spraying 0.5% potassium dihydrogen phosphate on the foliage, potassium sulfate or potassium-containing compound fertilizers and grass ash may be used. Generally, 0.25 kg of potassium sulfate is applied per plant, or 0.5 kg of compound fertilizer is applied, or 2-4 kg of plant ash are applied, and appropriate amount of water is applied after fertilization.

Enhancement technology In order to achieve the purpose of coloring the greenhouse nectar, it is necessary to take measures to increase the light intensity in the greenhouse and improve the lighting conditions of the tree. Generally, it is possible to use a reflective curtain on the wall, a reflective film under the tree, and a method of cleaning the facade. In the premise that the indoor temperature is not lower than the required temperature of the peach tree, as soon as possible to demolition of the curtain, cover the curtain in the evening, in order to promote fruit surface color.

Temperature, humidity control fruit into the coloring period requires daytime temperature 25 °C ~ 28 °C, not more than 30 °C, night temperature 15 °C, can not be lower than 12 °C, air humidity should be controlled at 60% or less, in order to facilitate coloring.

The sparse, hanging branches and picking leaves can be carried out at the beginning of coloring. The sparse method: First sparse the strong new shoots on the upper part of the canopy and the periphery, and then the sparse shoots of the inner canopy of the tree canopy, so that the lower part of the canopy produces spots. Hanging branches should be changed from red to red when the fruit on the Yang surface is red, that is, 10 to 15 days before harvesting. Hang the drooping fruit branches with a string. And remove the upper shading of the fruit leaves, so that direct sunlight on the fruit. However, it is necessary to prevent the picking of leaves too early, so as not to affect the fruit development and aggravate cracking.

Withdraw the film for some mid-late ripe nectarine varieties, open or remove the shed film when the temperature is high before harvesting, so that the peach fruit receives direct light for about a week, can significantly promote the fruit coloring, weak branches without leaving fruit (desiccation flower spikes) . The output of fresh foods should be controlled at about 1,750 kg/mu and the brewing quality should be controlled at about 1,500 kg/mu.

Inflorescences Pruned Fruits Bags Fresh foods are trimmed one week prior to flowering. Cut the deputy ears and remove the ear tips to make the ears compact and tidy. After the young fruit begins to enlarge, it is carefully performed once again to remove the poorly growing or too small fruit. Among the fresh food species, the Kyoho series maintain 40 to 45 grains per panicle, while the Eurasian varieties maintain 500 to 600 grams per panicle. After the shaping of the fresh food seeds, the bags can be bagged to ensure the cleanliness of the ear and the appearance of the fruit. The bag should be a paper bag or a newspaper bag. The size of the bag varies according to the variety, but the paper bag volume is larger than the ear.

Disease prevention and pest control adopts good agricultural technical measures to cultivate strong tree vigor, and especially pay attention to control of yield, apply more phosphate fertilizer and potassium fertilizer, and increase tree resistance. For the prevention of diseases and insect pests should be emphasis on governance, before the germination of the whole tree seriously spray 5 degrees lime sulfur, add sodium pentachlorophenol, to eradicate overwintering pests and diseases.

Rational use of drugs The climate and species of the real estate areas vary, and the types of diseases and insect pests are also different. Therefore, scientific pest control measures must be taken according to actual local conditions, and appropriate types of pesticides should be selected for timely spraying. At the same time, the park should be cleared at any time, and diseased leaves, diseased branches and diseased fruits should be cut off and burned in time to reduce the source of infection.

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