Citrus Garden Establishment and Spring Management

I. Establishment of citrus garden

A high standard of establishment is the basis for the high efficiency of citrus production. In order to ensure that the production base achieves the benefits of early benefits, high benefits, and long life, Citrus Park should pay attention to the following technical requirements when building the park:

1. Unified planning and contiguous planting: It is required to break the existing field boundaries of villages, groups, and factories, unify the layout, form contiguously, divide a community every 80-100 meters, and provide main roads, arterial roads, and drainage facilities.

2, drawing trough, fertilizer application: highlight "pass" and "good" two words. Mechanical preparation is generally 40-45cm deep, fertilization according to the standard acres of cooking cake 100-150kg, phosphate fertilizer 50-75kg, urea 10-15kg or straw fertilizer per acre 1000-1500kg, phosphate fertilizer 50-75kg, urea 20-25kg.

3, high ridge, shallow planting trees. Gao Peirong asked that the ridge width should be 100-120cm, and the ridge height should be 50cm or more. When planting, the same height should be maintained between the rhizome and the seedling field.

4, mud, rooting system: from the seedlings to planting, roots should be kept moist seedlings, roots are not white, with the mud with the start, with the transport along with the plant.

5, plan dense, early benefit. In order to achieve early results and early high yields, it is possible to plan dense planting. For flat slopes and gentle gradients below 15o, the north-south direction can be used. The row spacing is 1.54m or 1.54.5m. The acres are planted with 99 to 110 plants.

6, thin cover roots, water pouring. When planting, slightly shake the saplings in the planting hole so that the root system is fully stretched, and then cover the root with fine soil.

After the planting, the water stalls were watered at 5 to 15 kg per plant, and finally the trees were covered with grass.

7, low dry, cut leaves: planting one-year-old seedlings should be set dry, set the height of 20-30 cm, while cutting off all the leaves. Planting 2-3 years of seedlings should be cut 1/3-1/2 leaves.

Second, the citrus park spring management:

1. Timely clearance of the garden: It includes the following three aspects: 1 Clean the orchard: Cut off the dead branches of the pests, clean the fallen leaves and rotten fruit, remove the frozen fruit, and remove the weeds. 2 cultivating loose soil: in conjunction with loose soil on the ground to send furanide, killing part of the overwintering eggs. 3 Orchard Disinfection: The entire garden is sprayed with 600 times the freshwater or 200 times the green ying.

2. Fertilizer Fertilizer: Time is mainly compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer in the middle and early March. Sapling 0.3-0.5 kg/plant, or adult tree 0.5-1 kg/plant. Precipitating fertilizer requirements to see the tree to see the variety of fertilizer. At the same time, foliar spray fertilizer is used to supplement various trace elements.

3, reasonable pruning: pruning time is appropriate in mid-March. The initial result tree should be based on branching angle. According to the size of the tree, each tree can be pulled 5-10, the opening angle is 70-80 degrees, to promote the results, the outer branch can be properly pulled on the big tree or branch. Open for internal ventilation and light transmission to achieve internal and external results.

The pruning and pruning method of the result tree in the full fruit period is mainly sparsely sheared and partially crowded. In accordance with the requirements of “smooth relations, open up the light path, balance the tree potential, and regulate production”, large branches are used to trim and retract some of the old branches. The results of aging tree pruning in addition to retraction of aging branches, but also should be a small amount of short-term results of the mother branch, so that its appropriate results, restore power.

4. Reasonable Intercropping: Intercropping crops with dwarf crops, peanuts, melons, and vegetables as central energy, high-grade stems, gramineous crops, and citrus-like crops, such as sesame and cotton, should be paid attention to at the same time. Maintain orchard moisture when crops.

5. Pest Control: In pest control, the use of biological control technology is advocated. It is recommended to use the original "three-quality ground (flying type pest-killing lamp in the air, predator and stick board on the tree, and Hokkien on the ground)" for the biological physical pest prevention system. Severe implementation of both individual pests and diseases.

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