Potted soil preparation

Potted flowers require loose soil, fertile soil, complete nutrition, good drainage and air permeability, and basin soil and fertilizer should be prepared based on the characteristics of flowers and their own actual conditions according to local conditions. Vegetable garden soil. Vegetable garden soil is rich in humus, fertile, loose, both breathable and water. Pond mud. Digging pond silt is air-ground and crushed into dark brown or gray-black soil. It is rich in organic matter and humus and can be mixed with water when it is used. Fern leaf soil. Collect fallen leaves and dried grass and pour into the pit. Sprinkle a small amount of human excrement or kitchen foot water and mix it well. Cover the soil and compact it to compact the fermentation. Dig it out after use. Heterogeneous bone meal. The livestock and poultry bones and corners, hooves and other calcined into fine, rich in phosphate fertilizer, calcium, is a high-quality flower fertilizer, can be mixed with potted soil. Smoke grilled fat. Use stalks or dead leaves to destroy the leaves and the garden soil layer by layer. Cover the roof with dirt, but be able to breathe, then ignite and burn slowly until the black soil is dry, crushed and sieved. Taomi Shui. Taomi Shui contains various elements of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which can be used for watering flowers to promote flourishing foliage and develop root system. Tea water, vegetation gray water. Tea water and vegetation gray water not only have a comprehensive nutritional content, but also can regulate the acidity of the soil and promote flowering. Eggshell, fish scale residue. The eggshell or fish scales and fish belly waste fermentation fermented into a phosphorus, potassium, calcium-rich flower and soil fertilizer, fertilizer effect lasting. Boil egg water. Rich in calcium, potassium and other trace elements, cooling watering can promote leafy. Hair dregs. Chicken, duck hair or chaotic hair, etc., produced by fermentation or directly embedded in flower pots is a long-acting, full-fledged fertilizer that can be used for two years without top dressing. Fruit and vegetable peel. Fruit skin or rotten vegetables plus 2 times the soil mix evenly, into the pool or barrel sealed fermentation, corruption after the corruption of soil can be used as a flower top dressing, but also do potted soil directly planted flowers. Chinese medicine residue. Exhaust gas dregs are both nutritious, clean, and odorless. After decomposing, they are effective for flowering and can be directly sprinkled on the surface of potted soil. Deteriorating milk. Corrupted milk is diluted with water and then watered to make flowers grow vigorously and brightly.

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