Prevention of cold in the winter in the "five steps"

Winter is cold, and climate change is not constant, such as improper management of ducks in greenhouses and susceptibility to colds. The main prevention and control methods are the following “five steps”.

First, observe carefully. The diseased ducks were reluctant to move during the group activities, and were slaughtered late. The water was slow and the feed was backward. Some eyes shed tears, and one or both sides swelled. For a long time, the eyes dried up and became blind. Feces are dilute green, yellowish, and undigested feed slag. Severe egg production drops by 30%, skin is light and pale, and mortality is about 5%.

Second, the pathology. The diseased duck trachea has typical hemorrhage, hepatomegaly, spleen is small, the small intestine mucous membrane has the hemorrhage spot, the cloacal hemorrhage strips. The reproductive system is mainly congested, the egg is deformed, the egg membrane is bleeding, and the uterus is congested.

Third, the clever diagnosis. 1 Aseptically take liver, spleen, and Gram stain to eliminate bacterial infection. 2 aseptically take thymus, lymph, spleen, grind plus 5 times normal saline and 2,000 units of streptomycin refrigerator, take the supernatant 0.1 ml to inoculate 9 to 10 days old chicken embryo, isolate and identify bacteria.

Fourth, early prevention. 1 Before the start of production, do a good job of vaccination, such as Egg Drop Syndrome, Egg Drop Syndrome and duck quail vaccine injection. 2 before the winter to do a good job of disinfection, can be used to kill drinking water such as disinfectant. 3 Keep warm and cold. Cover plastic sheds at the event venues to increase the temperature of the event venues and properly arrange the drainage pool area and stocking density.

Fifth, heavy treatment. One or two ducks were found to have cold symptoms and they were immediately treated with medications to reduce losses. The treatment method is: 1 per kilogram of material was added 0.6 grams of virus tablets, 1 gram of vitamin B powder, and fed for 5 days. 2 Add 50 kg of herbal remedy to each bag of phlegm, clear the bag, and feed it for 4 days. At the same time, add Ribavirin in drinking water twice a day for 4 days.

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