Tractor ramp starting operation skills

If the slope of the tractor is turned off during driving, don't be nervous. Once you have mastered the operation essentials, you can start smoothly.

The starting operation must seize 3 key points: First, the size of the accelerator, the second is the timing of relaxing the brake, and the third is the cooperation of the throttle and the clutch. Specifically, this should be done correctly: At the start, first depress the brake pedal with your right heel, and depress the clutch pedal with your left foot to engage the shift lever in the low gear. Then, with the right foot forefoot slowly stepping on the accelerator pedal, the left foot slowly release the clutch pedal at the same time, to the engine sound changes or the body slightly shakes, then quickly lift the right heel and release the brake pedal, and then slightly Depress the accelerator pedal and slowly release the clutch pedal. It should be noted that it is not possible to loosen the clutch pedal, but to loosen the clutch after the throttle. It should be a tractor with high resistance when climbing uphill, and the power required for starting is also greater. The best timing is when the clutch pedal is lifted to the semi-linked position and the sound of the engine changes. The key here is the cooperation of the forefoot and heel of the right foot, and the tractor can start smoothly.

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