If chemical fertilizers are used year after year, will the soil be hardened?

Many people are often worried that the use of chemical fertilizers in successive years will result in the consolidation of the soil. Many promotional materials are also misleading.

Soil compaction is something that happened in the early 1950s, especially low-yielding fields with low organic matter. The reason is very simple, because at that time there were few domestically produced fertilizers, and the main nitrogen fertilizer imported was ammonium sulfate. When ammonium sulfate is applied to the soil, ammonium ions exchange calcium ions adsorbed on the soil colloidal particles, and calcium ions and sulfate ions combine to form calcium sulfate. In this way, as the calcium sulfate deposits in the soil, the pores of the soil are gradually blocked; in addition, the content of organic matter in the soil is reduced, the soil itself is not loose, and the soil is hardened.

Nowadays, under the premise of implementing China's fertilizer technology policy, organic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers are used in conjunction with the road. Many situations have changed, so this worry is unnecessary. In general, applying chemical fertilizers will not cause soil compaction. The reason is:

(1) Due to the rational use of organic fertilizer, although the amount per acre is not large, it has played a certain role in improving the soil properties and enhancing the ability of water retention and fertilizer retention;

(2) The soil organic matter that the crop straw directly returns to the field or straw covers plays a positive role in overcoming the soil compaction problem;

(3) While increasing the yield, the residual amount of crop roots has also increased correspondingly. It also plays a non-negligible role in curing the soil and eliminating compaction.

(4) Now that nitrogen fertilizers have been updated, they are no longer a single ammonium sulfate, but the main varieties are ammonium bicarbonate and urea. These two types of fertilizers do not contain auxiliary components and they are not given to the soil. Soil leaves any residue without the problem of plugging the pores of the soil.

Therefore, it can be concluded that as long as the combination of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer is applied, soil compaction will not occur even if the amount of fertilizer is increased. On the contrary, soil fertility will continue to increase, providing good conditions for crop yields.

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