A new generation of bio-fertilizer - Hanyang Amino Acid Irrigation Liquid Fertilizer

The large-scale use of fertilizers, pesticides and even hormones has greatly increased the yield and appearance of crops, but has also caused the deterioration of product quality and poor taste. At the same time, excessive use of chemical fertilizers for a long time has resulted in the consolidation of farmland soil and reduced fertilization. Most of the unutilized fertilizers and pesticides will be washed away when they rain and water, causing secondary pollution. After joining wro. China's export of agricultural products will have to face foreign "green barriers," and domestic sales will have to face the higher demand for material consumption - organic food. To solve these problems, the most fundamental thing is to reduce pesticide residues in agricultural products, reduce the use of pesticides and fertilizers, and at the same time ensure that the crops are healthy and grow normally. At present, Chinese scientists are studying the use of bacterial fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizers to solve the many negative effects of the use of fertilizers and pesticides.

The first biofertilizer is first to mash the crop stalks and put them into the fermentation tank, add the bacteria, and after mixing with the livestock and human feces to ferment, remove them and apply them to the fields. In order to make the use of fungus more convenient, the effect is more significant. Shenzhen Hanyang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. developed Han Yang amino acid root-drainage liquid fertilizer, selected sea fish and its internal organs as nutrient sources, and matured and extracted. It contains a variety of micro-organisms (EM), high-quality amino acids and trace elements necessary for plant growth. It not only provides nutrients for plant growth, but also allows nutrients in the soil to be continuously supplied to plants. When the beneficial microorganism (EM) enters the soil, it plays an antagonistic role on the harmful fungi and pathogenic bacteria existing in the soil, effectively preventing the soil-borne diseases caused by heavy earthworms, and degrading the residual chemical pesticides in the soil. Maintain the farmland ecological environment. At the same time, improve the physical and chemical structure of the soil and restore the Natural balance of useful microorganisms in the rhizosphere of the crop.

Therefore, long-term use of Hanyang Amino Acid Irrigation Liquid Fertilizer will not only directly provide balanced nutrition needed by plants, but also can quickly improve the soil structure, continuously improve soil fertility, and establish a beneficial symbiosis environment for soil microorganisms. Strong antagonism can effectively suppress pests and diseases. Increase crop production, improve quality, and achieve green environmental protection.

At present, people advocate green organic foods, but as organic foods are strictly controlled under conditions, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, and other chemical synthetic substances are absolutely prohibited during production and processing. It takes 2 to 3 years for the land to produce organic foods from general agricultural products. The soil conversion period. After using Hanyang Amino Acid Irrigation Liquid Fertilizer, the physical and chemical properties of the soil can be rapidly improved in 1.5 to 2 years to reach the production conditions of organic food. In addition, in the production of A-grade green foods that can restrict the use of pesticides and fertilizers and AA-grade green foods that restrict the use of certain pesticides and fertilizers, the application of Hanyang amino acid root-drainage liquid fertilizer can significantly increase the utilization of chemical fertilizers, such as the phosphorus-tolerant bacteria therein. The utilization of phosphorus can be increased from the current 20% to 80%, and the plant root length is increased by 1/3. Modern facility cultivation often encounters high temperature and high humidity. In this case, the plants are extremely susceptible to Fusarium, while the Bacillus subtilis in Hanyang Amino Acid Irrigation Liquid can effectively inhibit the growth of Fusarium.

In summary, Hanyang Amino Acid Irrigation Liquid Fertilizer can reduce the pollution of pesticides, protect the environment, maintain the soil's continuous and stable fertilizer supply capacity, enhance the antioxidant capacity of plants, reduce pathogens and insect pests, prevent rot and improve the ability to resist cold, resist drought and resist turbidity, Extend plant lifespan and picking period, extend the storage and transportation period of agricultural products and shelf life; in the production of green food, especially in reducing the content of nitrite in vegetables and fruits, it will play an important role; in the sustainable development strategy, it can make crops The ecosystem has entered a virtuous circle.

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