Year of the Pig zombies

In the survival process of pigs, due to various reasons, some stiff pigs (people called small old pigs) often appear or form. Some of these pigs eat less and grow slower; others only eat less. Affected the economic benefits of pig farming. In 2007, it was the Year of the Pig. In order to make everyone make a fortune in the Year of the Pig, the method of decompression is introduced as follows:

1, deworming stomach. Trichlorfon is 0.017 grams per kilogram of body weight, once taken orally once a day for three days. After two days of deworming, 1 kilogram of lime was taken and dissolved in 5 kilograms of water. The pigs were mixed with lime water to feed the pig once a day for five days. To clear eggs and various toxins in the gastrointestinal tract.

2, stomach food. To get rid of stiff hogs completely, a big breakthrough must be made in digestive function. One kilogram per kilogram of body weight (0.3 g) was used. Each pig had no more than 10 tablets. The powder was fed once a day, and once a day, it was used for five days. At the same time, each time 50 grams of hawthorn, malt, and Divine Comedy are used to feed the simmer sauce, once a day, even for five days. Tests have shown that the stiff pigs treated in this way have a strong appetite and greatly enhance their digestive function.

3, feeding urine soy beans. Leave the next section with a bamboo tube, and put 200 soy beans in the bamboo tube, then fill it with human urine, soak it one day and one night, and feed it once in the morning on an empty stomach. The sow can continue to soak soybeans. One kilogram of soy beans can be eaten for three months by one pig.

4, subcutaneous injection of vitamin AD drops Jing Jing. Each time 5 ml (1500 units per milliliter of vitamin A, containing vitamin D300 units) is injected once a week for three consecutive times.

5, Tim feed "stone sulfur salt." That is, lime, sulfur, salt and other equal amounts, first fry yellow salt and then pour lime into the fry for 10 minutes, add sulphur when the pot is cool, and make a total of powder and make it ready for bottling. Under the weight of 25 kilograms, 5-8 grams on a daily basis; 25 kilograms or more, 10-15 grams on a daily basis, until slaughtered. This not only supplements minerals but also stimulates appetite. It is an indispensable and important measure for fattening pigs.

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