Biogas New Energy Allows Farmers to Benefit

Close to noon, in the kitchen of Zheng Zhijia, a villager in Yubian Village, Shanmen Township, the gas cooker was opened and a blue flame appeared on the stove pan. Zheng Zhijiao’s lover said to reporters happily: “Now we are using biogas to cook, there is no smoke and odor, convenient and save money!” It is understood that in the village of Yubian, it is used like Zheng Zhijia’s family. Biogas farmers have more than 10 households.

“The use of biogas is good!” Zheng Zhiju said, “In the past few years, pigs have made money. Many villagers in the village have raised pigs, and our family has raised more than 80 heads. However, pigs produce sewage and sewage to the surrounding environment. It has caused a great deal of pollution, and since the construction of a biogas digester, not only has the house behind the house been cleaned, it has saved gas costs, and the fruits and vegetables grown in the yard with marsh fertilizer have grown particularly well, even with chemical fertilizers. The weather is so hot in these few days, mosquitoes and flies are much less than before."

With the rapid development of animal husbandry production in my county, a large amount of livestock and poultry excrement will follow. Due to the failure to be effectively handled and utilized, the sewage of livestock and poultry excrement is discharged from the villages where pig farmers and large chicken families are located, causing serious pollution to water sources, air, and the environment. However, the development and application of biogas, a new energy source, has brought about profound changes in the village's village appearance and the production and lifestyle of farmers.

Last year, after the county successfully applied for the rural biogas government debt project, the county adopted a typical approach to guide the way to work with the point and surface, and determined the village of Shanmenyubian as a model village. The village has built a biogas digester, changed toilets, changed pigsty, changed kitchens, and vigorously promoted “a pool of three reforms.” The village’s 10 households have built 1,000 cubic meters of biogas digesters and achieved good results. The village's success has not only accumulated certain experience for the county's biogas national debt project, but also received more and more recognition from farmers for new technologies. At present, many villagers in the surrounding villages often come to Yubian Village to obtain Bible studies. They also hope to try new technologies.

Speaking of biogas, the secretary of the Party branch of Yumao Village was very excited: “The biogas has made the villagers taste the sweetness. Now, when we walk into the village, the scene of the pig arching and flies and mosquitoes buzzing disappears. The pig house is clean and tidy. Fruit and vegetables are pleasing!” Many beneficiaries are also happy to say: “We now use not only tap water, but also “fire”.” It turns out that the construction of biogas projects not only achieved the desired results, but also Let the farmers have unexpected surprises. The branch secretary told the reporter that originally he only wanted to solve the problem of environmental pollution. Now it seems that the benefits are far more than these. The village is engaged in comprehensive utilization of biogas, and each household can save more than 1,000 yuan in gas costs per year. The simple treatment of biogas residue can also be considered as good fertilizer, which can save a lot of fertilizer money. Now the villagers are very supportive of the use of biogas. . Next, the village also plans to build a centralized gas storage tank so that every household can use biogas. Driven by the demonstration village, the county's methane national debt project has been building up everywhere. Up to now, 10 villages have been built in 10 villages, including Shanmen Town, Meiyuan Township, Nongcun Township, Nanhu Township, and so on, totaling approximately 2,568 cubic meters.

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